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We-Vibe Unite 2.0
Rated 3 star since vibration on its highest mode was not strong enough compared to a normal small size vibrator.
  Anonymous, 2021/9/4 下午 05:27:46  
A-one Round And Round Nipple Pump
  匿名, 2021/7/17 上午 12:49:58  
Je Joue G-Spot Bullet - Purple
  匿名, 2021/6/15 下午 11:25:39  
Libo Goo Chicken
性價比高的陰蒂吸啜器,主要買黎放係架車到,情到濃時車震用。外表第一眼望落去又唔似sex toy,方便收藏。
  Niko, 2021/4/21 下午 04:37:16  
VeDO Bam Rechargeable Bullet - Foxy Pink
Great vibration however battery runs out quickly.
  Anonymous, 2021/4/12 下午 09:40:47  
Womanizer Premium
  Sam, 2021/2/3 上午 11:55:26  
Womanizer Premium
將佢放係龜頭 - 包皮繫帶位到, J立即硬左! 爽!
  匿名, 2021/1/25 下午 05:52:00  
Je Joue G-Spot Bullet - Purple
It's small, VERY quiet and easy to use. It came in an attractive box (and discrete) so I was feeling excited already. I used a mild constant vibe and began. It's very easy to inserting because of the shape and Oh My God, it felt AMAZING. The head is soft enough to have a pleasant start and the vibration is quiet enough not to bother anyone around. It produces fantastic sensation, you can use it anywhere as a foreplay (even in your partner), high quality, easy to use and the best of all, it's VERY quiet, so my flatmates won't hear anything. It's also very easy to clean. Totally worthy buying it!
  匿名, 2021/1/25 下午 05:49:39  
女伴話1,2度冇乜feel, 但一來3度就好有feel, 仲越震越來要多d, 推! 防水方便清潔,可惜用耐左膠都係會黐立立.
  匿名, 2020/11/11 下午 03:19:08  
NPG Multi Eimi-nizer
  匿名, 2020/9/9 下午 10:50:53  
Womanizer Premium
  匿名, 2020/8/15 上午 10:21:34  
NPG White Joker - Mild
  匿名, 2020/8/12 下午 01:18:11  
Womanizer Premium
Its a bit overrated or i expect too much due to the advertisement .. Its not as good as my old vibrator. A bit disappointed... Am thinking whether give it another 3 or 4th try.. Its nit cheap though Or just leave it in drawer... Sigh
  Anonymous, 2020/8/5 下午 05:14:47  
Fun Factory Manta


  匿名, 2020/7/21 下午 11:28:04  
Fun Factory Stronic G
When inserted, it strokes the vaginal wall in a rhythmic and quick pace. It also doubles up as a clit stimulator, which feels like rubbing when put against the clit, for warm up. It has the simplest design among all the pulsators, being the best at resembling a real penis. The auto stroking function that stimulates my G-spot makes it a tolerable toy. During sex, when my partner needed to rest her arms, STRONIC became a great substitute when my G-spot craved more. The back and forth motion, coupled with the right angle, created a filling satisfaction. My partner could just give my clit more attention and love, making the combination of stimulations really pleasing. Since I am only used to fingering, this toy with such a girth is a huge contrast. A tip is to use a thick water-based lube for it, because its surface has a larger friction than skin, and it might get uncomfortable with the lack of lubrication.
  匿名, 2020/6/3 上午 11:03:48  
Lelo Billy 2
  匿名, 2020/5/22 下午 04:39:44  
Libo Goo Chicken
買了, 沒怎麼用. 5個月不到吮吸功能就壞了,保修只有3個月,體驗不好,不值這個錢,還是日本震蛋耐用。
  匿名, 2020/3/24 上午 11:21:29  
B Swish Bcute Classic
Good 不錯的很舒服。
  匿名, 2020/1/25 下午 11:29:17  
Fairy Massager - Lithium Charge 2nd
  MK, 2019/3/18 下午 10:01:00  
B Swish Bmine Basic
  匿名, 2019/2/20 下午 03:17:22  

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