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LifeStyles SKYN Elite Box of 10

Brand: Lifestyles

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Thinner condoms for the elite who craves skin-to-skin sensations! Designed for people who crave the stimulating intimacy. If their original ones are still not thin enough for you, SKYN has these ultrathin ones for a more heightened feel.

LifeStyles SKYN Elite Box of 10

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Box of 10 / 36g


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Product Details

These Elite condoms are 20% thinner than the original condoms, allowing users to become closer together on a physical level. While practising safe sex, the simulated skin-to-skin contact is also ensured.

Non-latex material plus silicone based lubricated are extra suitable for those who are allergic to latex and very sensitive to water based lubricant, giving people more options for safe sex.

The straight shape with reservoir end makes the ejaculation or pre-cum easier to store, lengthening users’ sexy time.

Product characteristics:
Gives users skin-to-skin sensation
20% thinner compared to SKYN Original Condoms
Silicone lubricated
Strength of premium latex
Straight shape with reservoir end
Natural colour

Nominal width: 53mm
Material: Polyisoprene

Made in Thailand