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Yverest Tsubomi

Brand: Yverest

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The first ever high quality petite vibrating wand that is long enough, soft enough, and smooth enough, guaranteeing a good experience. Geared towards vaginal pleasure, this deliberately thought-out design makes its refreshing presence. Tsubomi is the toy that not only appeases one’s hesitation to try out vibrating dildos, but also adds a valuable asset into one’s collection.

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Product Details

Meaning ‘flower bud’ in Japanese, Yverest designs Tsubomi as a symbol of a blossoming passion in one’s sex life.

Don’t let its looks deceive you. It might be relatively small and short, but it's soft, smooth-surfaced, and unintimidating, making it the perfect toy for total newbies where insertion becomes comfortable with just a little lube or even none if natural moisture suffice, and getting a hang of it is not hard at all.

As for the experienced, one cannot miss out on this for the pleasurable foreplay. The strong vibrating function can be utilised for ultimate teasing all over the body, nearing the sensitive parts to leave them wanting more; While the girth and length is ideal for warming up before meeting the meat of the night.

Tsubomi is compact and thus portable, as well as discreet for the detachable USB charger. One just needs to pop the USB head off and charge it without the fear of anyone knowing.

Product characteristics:
- Portable travel size
- Internal and external vibrator
- 5 vibration speeds and 5 vibration modes
- Hypoallergenic and non-porous
- Waterproof
- Quiet
- Eco-friendly USB charger; LED light for charge indicator

- Material: Medical grade silicone (meets EU safety and health standards)
- Dimensions: Length - 15cm; Width - 2.4cm
- Lithium battery
- 1-1.5 hours play on full power
- Noise less than 50db
- 1 year warranty

Made in China, originated from Hong Kong