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Lovetoy - Flawless Clear Penis Sleeve 2 inches

Brand: Lovetoy

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Add two extra inches for something different! The clear sleeve still preserves the tasty sight of your shaft, while reaching the deeper of the depths of the vaginal or anal canal. Sculpted for realism and uniquely curved for maximized sensations. This skin-safe transparent toy is an ideal choice for sex toy players. There’s no shame to need a bit of help. As long as your partner feels the thrill, you would not regret having this.

Lovetoy - Flawless Clear Penis Sleeve 2 inches

ID: 9306

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1pc / 148g


Product Review

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Reviewer:Kin, 2020/8/15 上午 10:56:20

Product Details

The penis is enhanced with added girth and 2 inches length, so users can challenge partners' limits while still having control of their own shaft. Please the partner with a pleasant surprise with the slight surplus of size.

The stretchy sleeve can fit into almost any girth, while the realistic exterior made of TPE sleeve is especially suitable for those who love the original feel of the user’s shaft.

People might not directly feel the physical stimulation wearing the sleeve, but just looking at the partner enjoying the extra high from that extra inch is definitely a huge turn on for some. It is totally possible for that mental stimulation to transfer into your own physical stimulation. Users can simply cut the sleeve short to fit your own length.

Product characteristics:
- Made of skin-safe TPE, phthalate free, latex free, odorless
- Beautiful clear transparent artwork
- Soft and flexible, encourages easy insertion
- Not for contraception

- Total length: 7 inches
- Added length: 2 inches
- Circumference: 4.5 inches
- Weight: 116g

Made in China