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Fun Factory - Bootie Fem

Brand: Fun Factory

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BOOTIE FEM is an anal plug for women, perfectly adapted to the female anatomy in handy inspiring tulip shape.

Fun Factory - Bootie Fem - Dark Taupe

ID: 10337

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1pc / 260g


Fun Factory - Bootie Fem - Rose

ID: 10338

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1pc / 260g


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Product Details

BOOTIE FEM is an anal plug for women, perfectly adapted to the female anatomy in handy inspiring tulip shape. It’s comfy enough for anal plug newbies and made to be worn during sex, for FUNtastic mega-orgasms.

What makes the BOOTIE FEM so special is its asymmetry; the shorter bar on one side allows vaginal penetration without any disturbance factor at all. At the same time, the bud of the toy gently tilts towards the G-spot. And this is not only interesting for the person who wears the butt plug, but also for the other person, because the circumference of the inserted anal plug automatically narrows the vaginal canal.

The shape of BOOTIE FEM is designed to fit the female anatomy. The posterior walls of the vagina are highly sensitive and can only be stimulated through the anus, the special curvature of BOOTIE FEM directly targets the orgasmic potential of this area.

The bar, which points in the direction of the vagina when worn, is slightly shortened. This greatly increases comfort and also allows for undisturbed vaginal penetration while wearing the plug. Wearing BOOTIE FEM during penetration ensures that the natural space of the vagina is compressed. The penetrating part will feel an especially arousing massage due to this increased pressure.

Whether with a partner or without, BOOTIE FEM makes love play perfect. Through the combination of butt plug and vaginal penetration, on the one hand, the vaginal wall is stretched and compressed, making it especially sensitive and receptive to orgasm. On the other hand, thanks to its curved shape, BOOTIE FEM, in combination with the penis (or a phallic sex toy), stimulates the G-spot with pinpoint accuracy.

Especially with an analtoy, hygiene and the right accessories are enormously important. For cleaning, you can recommend the water-based CLEANER from FUN FACTORY. It gently cleans the product, is vegan (!) and absolutely body-friendly. With a storage bag like TOYBAG XS, the product can then be stored away quite cleanly and easily until the next use.

Remind your customers that all FUN FACTORY products are made in Germany and from especially high-quality and therefore durable materials. Products made of solid silicone such as BOOTIE FEM are even completely handmade to achieve the most perfect and safe result for your customers.

Asymmetrical base: Comfy to wear anally during vaginal penetration
Innovative design: sexy and body-safe
Slim shape for easy insertion
The perfect first anal toy
Preps the body for more advanced anal play

Material 100% medical grade silicone, non-porous and hypoallergenic

Dimensions 8.5 cm and Ø 1-2.9 cm
Toy Weight 38 g