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Strap-On-Me - Sliding Skin Dildo

Brand: Strap-On-Me

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The only dual density silicone Sliding skin realistic dildo fueled in gorgeous colors. Strap-on-me unveils its latest Dildo. This new Sliding skin realistic dildo comes closer to the reality.

Strap-On-Me Sliding Skin Dildo S - Vanilla

ID: 10214

Out of Stock


1 pcs / 340g


Strap-On-Me Sliding Skin Dildo M - Fuchsia

ID: 10215

In Stock


1 pcs / 370g


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Product Details

Minimalism, simplicity and sophistication define the aesthetic line of the new realistic dildo.
Captivating in its design, the intensity anddepth of the colours will arouse pleasureand desire from the very first glance.

One of a kind, this product's ultra-innovative realistic feel is thrilling.
Its dual density texture of ultra-soft and elastic silicone gives you a firm yet supplefeel. Once in your hands, the sliding skinpropels you into a world of infinitepleasure.

The head, veins and testicles are subtlyvisible, textured and soft, giving you a sensory experience that is truly amazing!
A world of possibilities is at your fingertips, for moments of unprecedented pleasure, unmatched until now with a dildo.

Ergonomic design
High quality silicone
Phthalates free
100% waterproof