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Afraid of People Finding Out Your Vibrators?
There’s a “Lipstick” For You & Your Clit ❤
Discreet, Powerful & Super Silent Bullet Vibrator, We-Vibe Tango X

A lot of female customers have turned to Wanta for help, voicing out their concerns on using a vibrator. The first biggest concern is that

their family or flatmates
would hear the vibrating sound.

The second is that

someone found the vibrator, but they don’t know how to explain it, making an embarrassing scene.

That is why this time, Wanta’s team of Sex Toy Enthusiasts guarantees that the vibrating We-Vibe Tango X “lipstick”, can solve all your troubles! We have Devoted Geek Girl from our team to share her review in this article.

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A Vibrator As Glamorous As a Lipstick💄

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It is the first toy I’ve ever seen
that doesn’t look like a vibrator!

Having opened the box, the rose colour makes it look so similar to a lipstick, appealing greatly to me. As a woman, I bet you also wouldn’t help but pick it up to take a look. It is just like a lipstick - even if you hold it in your hand, it doesn’t look like a vibrator at all.

If you got caught with it, then immediately pretend that you are putting on lipstick! Haha!

Its size is as small as a lipstick, making it convenient to bring it out of the house or hide it in the house. Devoted Geek Girl doesn’t have many good places to hide her beloved vibrators, hence is always frustrated about this. However, Tango X has solved her problem. Putting it in a small bag or makeup bag, and no one would discover it.

Speaking of makeup bags, we will give out 30 of them to the first 30 customers who buy either We-Vibe Tango X or Touch X!

For each purchased We-Vibe Tango X or Touch X, get a high-quality We-Vibe makeup bag. *Only 30 available. First come first given till all are given out ▼▼

Although Tango X is Quite Small,
Its Vibrations are as Strong as a Bullet!

If you have watched Harry Potter, you can imagine that using Tango X is just like holding the Golden Snitch.

Once Tango X is turned on, I’m turned on too. the lowest among 8 vibrational intensities is already so strong that it feels like it could fly out of my hand. The whole vibrator is like a bullet shooting out from my hand. Not to mention the surface of the tip is extremely smooth, the vibrations are sent more deeply and directly.

When I used other vibrators before, they are usually rounded and rather big, so sometimes when I played with them and became really excited, it’s easy to have them misplaced. Then I would have to pinpoint the spot again. But using Tango X, which has a pointed tip just like lipstick, so it is really convenient to find the sweet spot. You don’t even need your other hand to find it. Using the tip to gently unravel the lips, and placing it at a right angle, vibrations are sent right along the clit!

The pointed tip is 100% compatible with the clit!

If you like to get with it immediately, then you can definitely try out Tango X, promising you that your whole body would be so stimulated you couldn’t keep yourself from cumming.

Even though the body is small, as the pointed tip is placed onto each spot, it feels like magic. You could feel a strong rumbly vibrational stimulation, which travels directly to your sensitive areas.

Just holding Tango X in your hand is enough for you to feel the rumbly sensations from the vibrator. Despite the strong vibrations, it is much quieter than other vibrators, so you don’t have to risk someone hearing the vibrations. Not just that, considering its small size, you could wear it while going out. Tango X has an improved handle design, with the texture suitable for stable grip. You could hold it in your hand or between your thigh and not worry about it falling off.

When having sex with your partner, having this petite toy stimulating your clit with rumbly sensations. The very moment it vibrates your sweet spot, coupled with penetration, the double stimulation would induce so much pleasure in you that you would absolutely moan out. With the rumbly sensations travelling through your body, even your toes would curl up at the immense pleasure!

Having a Smooth ABS Plastic Finish, Tango X is a “Lipstick” to Your Clit

As you can see, Tango X’s surface is partially made to be shiny smooth, since the material is made of ABS safe plastic. Because of the smooth surface, even without water-based lube, the feel of using it still is really frictionless.

Comparing to other toys with rougher silicone surfaces, Tango X is much easier to insert. To compare, the handle of Tango X is exactly the texture of silicone. The handle is for you to hold it more conveniently, and to prevent accidentally inserting the entire thing.

Having the exceptionally smooth material on you, definitely creates a more comfortable experience.

We-Vibe Tango X Bullet “Lipstick” Vibrator

Product Details>>

All in all, this We-Vibe Tango X Bullet “Lipstick” Vibrator is surely best suited for those who are shy and reserved (but maybe really freaky deep down). You don’t have to worry about your family or flatmates hearing the sound of the vibrator, as well as seeing it. Because actually,

It's just lipstick ;) There’s nothing to be afraid of!