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Tenga AERO Cobalt Ring
An Absolute Suction Beast That You Must Own!

It's always refreshing to see new and innovative elements in a masturbator, be it battery-powered, optimised internal designs, or customizability. The Tenga AERO Cobalt Ring is no exception. If you're a fan of taking matters into your own hands, including the sensation of the masturbator when in use, then

Tenga AERO Cobalt Ring is the perfect choice for you.

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The packaging is subtle and classy, no waifus on the cover to seduce you with their enticing gaze, just a clear photo of the Tenga AERO Cobalt Ring in all its glory, simple and straight to the point.

Upon opening the box, it is clear that Tenga has this thought thoroughly. Unlike most sleeves out there, which only focuses on the sensation or internal design, the Tenga takes into consideration all 3 elements: Stimulation and Design & Cleanliness.

1. Stimulation

Stronger suction when turned clockwise;
Weaker suction when turned anti-clockwise

What is most enticing about the AERO series is their promise of an “adjustable dial”, which you can use to adjust the amount of suction the AERO gives you.

Now that is an offer I cannot resist! Twisting the 10-step dial left and right, I couldn’t see a discernible difference between the max and minimum setting, but I promise you, once you use it, you will definitely feel the tug by the Tenga AERO, that’s right, a literal tug.

I started on level 1, which gave a comfortable, velvety feeling which enveloped around me, giving me a very pleasing sensation as the stimulation from its internal crevices was just right. But I desired more. I gave in to my curiosity and decided to crank the dial-up by half, and immediately the difference was obvious.

It was as if someone was sucking me with a very strong intent to not let go,

and this feeling was something that I didn’t know I needed, it felt passionate but at the same time very teasing and seducing.

At last, I couldn’t wait, and I decided to test out level 10--the suction is insane! By default, the Tenga AERO does a really good job of ensuring that the sleeve is designed to be airtight and will offer a vacuum-like experience,with level 10 though, it is out of this world!

And frankly, a little too much for me, I personally recommend starting out at level 2, 4 and then somewhere between 6-7, which I have found is the sweet spot. With that level of suction and holding on to me and refusing to let go, a barrage of fantasies and lewd imaginations flooded my mind, till I couldn't hold it any longer and gave in.

2. Design & Cleanliness

The cover of the AERO can also turn into a drying stand, just a slight yank and twist, there you have it! A drying stand (that can also be detached to remove the residual water), so that you can rest assured that no mold is going to grow in there anytime soon.

It also follows the design of a removable sleeve and hard plastic exterior, it will be easier to clean. The sleeve is made of soft, highly-flexible silicone that makes the material feel gel-like, without the stickiness. So I can definitely trust that this will be a comfortable experience for me.


Tenga AERO - Cobalt Ring

Tenga AERO - Silver Ring

As I was utilising the Cobalt Ring’s compartmental design and cleaning it thoroughly, I couldn't help but feel like the Cobalt Ring left me wanting to have more. There are 2 versions in the AERO lineup, the Cobalt Ring and the Silver Ring. The Cobalt Ring is designed and dedicated to maximum suction, whilst the Silver Ring adds a bit of flair to its internal design to increase the amount of stimulation, at the small cost of a bit of suction.

I will admit that though the Cobalt Ring gave me an otherworldly experience. Here, Tenga gave us two diverged roads:

  1. For those who rely on heavy stimulation but wish for a better suction experience, the Silver Ring will be a nice addition to your collection.

  2. But for those adventurers who seek the suckiest suction to rule them all, the Tenga AERO Cobalt Ring is more than a worthy challenger.