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Love Oral Sex, but You Mind the Taste or Smell Down There?
A Must Try Oral Lube -
Love to Love Berlingots Love Me Tender Cotton Candy Flavoured Massage Oil

We believe that oral is many people’s favourite, but sometimes it is just isn’t their day and the smell or taste of down there isn’t too pleasing to the senses. That is why trimming and cleaning the pubes, as well as taking showers are crucial, but also to deal with the problem, we highly recommend the newest oral sex product - Love to Love Cotton Candy Massage Oil ! This warm massage oil not only can be used onto the private areas, encouraging blood circulation and increase in body temperature, but it is also edible!

Turn Your Partner into your Strawberry, Cotton Candy, or Mojito!
A Heated Oral Session Guaranteed!
You can be Sweet on Valentine’s!

Mistress Mona
Review from a Female’s Perspective

Even though my partner’s penis is clean and odourless, I've always minded the taste of seme, so I wanted to try out this Cotton Candy Massage Oil~ Because I was so excited, I poured a lot of the oil onto Scottie Hottie…

Turns out with more moisture, the feel is much better!
It’s easier to go in and out of my mouth,
while smelling and tasting sweet🍬

I enjoyed blowing him even more,
and Scottie Hottie responded with his loud groans.

This massage oil had made him taste even better💦 Well, I should describe it as a sweet icicle or lollipop instead😋🍭 I prefer sweet to salty semen, so this type of massage oil suits me well~ I’ve always fantasied about eating off of his dick, and I’ve finally done it!

Of course, apart from using it for oral sex, as suggested in the name, using it to massage is also very enjoyable! Seeing my Hottie massage me while licking my nipples has made me super aroused. It was extremely sexy!

Small tip: Don't be hasty and apply too much. You would choke from the sweetness❤

Scottie Hottie
Review from a Male's Perspective

I think it's funny when it masks the natural.

It was quite good getting a Blow Job,
the lube heats up so once it's all over my dick and balls.

It was lustful, warm and pretty good. When Mistress Moana and I had sex, I could feel the warm heat dominating me. When we did oral, it was pretty sweet, like really sweet,

makes her taste like candy 😎

It's like eating candy. I think it was also cool that it could be used to mask the smell. Highly recommend this intriguing and tasty product to couples.


Wanta’s Sex Toy Enthusiast Mistress Mona and Scottie Hottie both agree this massage oil tastes good and is fun to play with! It makes them want to eat them out even more!

This massage oil will definitely
make your oral sesh more heated🔥