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Showing you How it Takes You into the World of Porn, in SYNC with Your Favourite Porn & Pornstars

Why KIIROO Keon is Worth More than HKD2,000? How Strong is its Automatic Thrusting? How Smooth is its Connection with Porn?

Hello everyone, Wanta’s Sex Toy Enthusiast, Hero will introduce to you a one-of-a-kind, highly coveted masturbator! KIIROO released Keon, an extraordinary masturbating cup. It incorporates technology into sex life, allowing users to dip their toes into the world of sex machines.

Are You Ready to Have Sex with Your Favourite Pornstars?

If you have VR goggles, you can even directly feel the first-hand sensations!

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Sleek and Minimal with Great Functionality

Product Details>>

On the packaging of KIIROO Keon, there are neither smoking hot ladies, nor are there sexy anime characters. It compliments the style of the product, showing just Keon and the functions. That is how we know that they highlight the functions of the toy as its selling point. The box implements a navy colour, which is usually seen on packaging of technology products. The images of the product, coupled with the internal structure and its variety of functions, are clearly printed on the four walls of the package. After unboxing, users can find the instruction manual and USB charging cord, with Keon and KIIROO tucked underneath.

Product Details>>

Keon and KIIROO Cylinder Masturbator come in black, designed into a simple, modern style.

It doesn’t look like a masturbator,
instead, an absolute camouflage among other household products.
It can even look like a speaker when put next to a PC.

Keon’s interface on the front has four buttons, +, -, up and down. The back includes the on/off button, bluetooth button and the charging port. Kiiroo’s mastubator design is almost identical to Fleshlight’s, albeit the size being smaller. However, Fleshlight’s sleeve can substitute Kiiroo’s (Note: the whole Fleshlight cannot be installed into Keon)

Is it complicated when there are so many functions?
It’s actually really simple!

Take only 2 minutes of your time to watch from the unboxing process to how to use KIIROO Keon!

Using Keon is a very flexible and ever-changing experience. Despite seeming complex, the buttons and other connections are easy to handle and set up. Depending on the needs, Keon can actualise numerous masturbating effects.

Each effect can fulfill your desire for a realistically interactive sexy time.

Press and hold onto the on/off button for 3 seconds to activate Keon, then open the mobile app, FeelConnect, and the thinkable and unthinkable pleasures are going to come true before your eyes.

Remarks: Charge for 4 hours for a full charge before first use.

Step by Step Guide to Using KIIROO Keon!

  1. Manual Mode

      They are extremely suitable for users who like to have things under their own control. When using bluetooth interactive connection, pornstars would have occasional rests, and Keon would stop along them. Users who don’t want unpredictable pauses can choose this manual mode instead. This mode has transformed from the last generation’s touch screen to four buttons. They are situated right under the thumbs of users’ hand when holding onto it, allowing handling to be easier and more accurate.

    1. After activating Keon, press and hold onto the button above the on/off one for three seconds to switch from bluetooth mode to manual mode. (Light will turn from blue to green, to indicate successful switching)

    2. First adjust the buttons on the left: up and down buttons control the range of strokes, which can be up to 8 cm.
      (It is more lengthened than the previous generation, and can adjust the range into 4 levels)

    3. The buttons on the right: “+” and “-” allow users to adjust the speeds from 8 levels of intensities.
      (The highest speed is 230 strokes per minute, 180 strokes higher than the previous generation! )

  2. Using the App’s Manual Mode - FeelConnect via Bluetooth

      FeelConnect is free to download on the App Store and Play Store. This software is essential to access the full functions of the masturbator, apart from the device’s existing buttons, so users have to first download the app on their phones.

      Touch Control on App

    1. Having downloaded the app, activate Keon. When the blue light is blinking, using the phone’s bluetooth to connect with the masturbator. Once the blinking ceases, it indicates successful pairing.

    2. The column on the left adjusts the speed, while the round button up can increase the stroking speed, and vice versa.

    3. The right column adjusts the stroking range and the positioning. The control on the positioning makes this mode different to the first manual mode, where it includes “high”, “middle” and “low”. The blue light shows which positions are selected.

    4. If you choose all three positions, the masturbator would maneuver from the lowest point to the highest point and back. You can also choose one particular position to undergo an intense stimulation. I personally love the middle to high positioning, which stimulates the shaft’s mid-section to the head. The buttons on the mastubator only adjust between low and high. Users have to try them out to know which mode suits them more.

  3. Porn Clip Mode

KIIROO Keon’s Greatest Feature is that
it can pull you into the world of porn!

You don’t need to move at all! And you easily become the main character of the porn, having sex with lovely ladies!
Deeply feel each thrust into their love tunnels!

KIIROO Keon’s actual selling point is that users can interact with porn clips, their own partners and recently popular webcam girls. All the functions are packed into the software, which makes it very convenient to use. There is no turning back to your regular masturbators if you have tried it out. And it would be a pity if you have Keon’s products and you haven’t used this function.

The possibility of becoming a pornstar and having any interaction with your favourite one is near zero, let alone having sex with them. That is why KIIROO’s Keon gives the men around the world the opportunity to be intimate with pornstars.

When using Keon, I actually didn’t think I was masturbating.
I thought I was the male pornstar in the clip.

Believe me, this masturbator will give your hands a break, and provide you with an experience that is so much different to just using hands for a wank, let alone connecting to a porn video.

Apart from feeling the depth and speed of thrusting into a pornstar’s vagina, I could even enjoy deepthroating, licking, boobjobs and handjobs. Keon can simulate every subtle move.

Just like experiencing first-hand what is happening in the video, the pornstar’s every move, expression and moan, bring me so much pleasure. On top of not being too much of a difference to actual sex, the pleasure Keon brings might even be more exciting, because you just need to lie down and not put in any energy into thrusting, instead just focus on Keon’s stimulation.

I used to think I could never be this intimate with a pornstar.

Verified Websites with Interactive Porn Videos:

  • Ufeel TV
  • Feel X Videos
  • PornHub
  • Feel VR Porn

Connecting to Interactive Clips (e.g. Pornhub)

1. Connect the masturbator and FeelConnect via bluetooth

2. Among Pornhub.com categories, find “Interactive”

3. The above symbol indicates that it is interactive and can be connected to Keon

4. After choosing a clip, produce the QR code

5. Take out your phone when this page pops up

6. On the FeelConnect app, click on ”Video”, and then “Add Website”

7. Use the camera in the software to scan the clip’s QR code

You just need to play the video, and Keon would follow the rhythm of the clip.

Used KIIROO Keon Just Once
And I Can’t Go Back

KIIROO Keon is so far the best electronic masturbator, and it is also the first interactive masturbator I’ve ever tried. The birth of Keon can redefine what men think about masturbator’s plain functions. It gives you a hyper-realistic kind of interactive sex that other masturbators cannot achieve. When I think about dealing with my sexual needs, the first thing that comes up in my mind is Keon!

KIIROO Keon has a multitude of functions, so keep reading our article to know what else it can impress you with!