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Guide to Choosing the Right Strap-On

Strap-on sex - It’s penetrative and better to also use a condom with water-based lubricant. But, it is different from a penis. When the strap-on is not biologically attached to you, the skills require more time to build, hence making it a super fun toy to experiment with. Even better, it’s always hard, so you can go as long as you two can and want!

Unlike the underwear style, strap-on style usually fits onto the body more snuggly and the harness has a longer shelf life. That’s why strap-ons are recommended over underwear.

Finding a right strap-on is like finding the right clothes for yourself. Depending on the body type, the strap-ons can fit into one’s body differently. The best kind of strap-on is the versatile kind, able to fit into any type of body.

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What to Look for in a Strap-On Harness

1. Waist Strap

There are different kinds of material that hold the waist strap together, depending on what you prefer - convenience or sturdiness. If convenience is a priority, then velcro straps are for you. But if you want something durable, high quality bucklesthat don’t loosen up after a few intense thrusts is what you need.

2. Leg Straps

Similar to waist straps, velcro straps and buckles have different benefits, but the main thing to keep in mind is whether or not the straps hug your thighs comfortably. One way to check is to of course to see reviews, but to ensure they fit, measure your thigh and see if the straps fit your size.

3. Harness Front

Last but not least, the part that holds the dildo. Along with the straps, this is a crucial part that determines the pleasure of your partner. When taking control, nobody wants the toy they’re playing with to carry uncertainties. If the front cannot fulfil its job stabilizing the dildo in place, then you don’t need to consider it at all. The best way to determine if it is stable is to check the structure of the harness. If there is only a fabric with a hole and no buckles - huge NO. Otherwise, they are worth a try.

Strap-On Harness Recommendations
(Magic Fingers' Favourite)

The Best One that Suitable for All Users:
Roomfun Dual Vibrating Strap-on Harness

It is by far the most comfortable strap-on I have ever used. From the waist straps to the legs straps to even the harness, they all can fit my body really snugly. When doing extreme thrusting, it is not fazed at all and maintains the tightness I wanted, holding the dildo in place for such a long time.

The dildo aims at achieving physical pleasure for both people involved. The double motor controlled by a remote transmits vibrations along the shaft for the person being penetrated, while the extended clitoral vibe stimulates the strap-on wearer, both being able to enjoy an extra layer of stimulation. Definitely worth every penny!

Waist Strap:

  • Comfort: 5/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Fitting (on 28” waist) : 5/5

Legs Strap:

  • Comfort: 5/5
  • Durability: 4/5
  • Fitting (on “ thigh) : 4/5

Harness Front:

  • Stability: 5/5

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But what do we actually need to look for in a Strap-On Dildo?

What to Look for in a Strap-On Dildo

1. The Bottom part
It is the most essential part of a dildo. The base suctions easily to a smooth surface and withstands tough thrusting, while also making the dildo compatible with a harness and for a better grab. It’s what holds the dildo in place. The things to look for in a base is a firm material and a large surface area, which ensures stable thrusting.

2. Texture
The texture crucially sets the pace and comfort on the sex, make sure you add enough (water-based) lube to make it smooth too. When sharing with a partner, for safety and hygiene, it’s better to use a condom with water-based lubricant.

**Remark: Don’t use a silicone lubricated condom, because it would damage the silicone toy.

Smooth texture: for newbies, it feels much more acceptable and comfortable to dip their toes in, or rather dip it inside themselves. It requires a little more lube reapplication, but the frequency depends on the lube quality as well.

Can refer to: https://www.wanta.net/en/shop/list.asp?BrandID=165&CatID=22&DepID=1

Rough texture: Its roughness forms a more realistic friction and suits those who love intensity and friction. Even after using lube, it might not be as smooth as you desire, if the texture is rough.

3. Toughness
If you are extremely confident with your thrusting skills and know how to hit the exact spot that induces eye-rolling from your partner, go for a harder dildo. Regardless of experience, it is highly recommended to buy a softer dildo, for the pleasure of your partner. That is because a softer dildo, being more flexible, is easier to cater to the curves of the love tunnel, making it more comfortably stimulating. It can possibly turn an awkward angle into something good, especially great for beginners who are exploring different positions. That’s why we recommend you Fun Factory Limba Flex - S/M.

4. Size
It matters, but it depends on the person. It doesn’t have to be big. For thin or short dildos, they are really great for pinpointing the right spot;For Magic Fingers and her girlfriend, they prefer sizes around 15cm long; but some obviously like a bigger size, having the dildo fill them up. Of course, vagina and anus can train up the sizes if they want. Ultimately, you just have to try out different sizes and see which you like most.

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Finding the right harness and dildo usually requires experiments, and once you find the right ones, we promise it would be totally worth it! Jump in the bandwagon with us on searching for the perfect strap-on, and feel free to tell us which is your favourite through reviews.

They don’t shoot, but they stay hard ;)