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Even More Arousing for Men Using Butt Plug?
Give You 3 Tips On Playing with Butts!

We all have different tastes and kinks for sex depending on how explorative the person is, and some... LOVE Anal Sex and Stimulation. However, some just do not want to try it at all because they think anus are unclean. Are there any other reasons? This time, Mistress Mona invited a Scotty Hotty to share his thoughts on getting anal stimulation and his review on Toynary AP19 Remote Control Anal Plug (for Beginner).

A Short Conversation on Getting Anal Stimulation

Mistress Mona: To me as a lady, I think it’s worth trying out Anal Stimulation no matter the person is giving or receiving, as long as the (male) partner has douched and the butthole is clean. Also, I believe wearing a butt plug is very sexy and it’s a big turn-on and eye-candy for men. Scotty Hotty, what’re your thoughts on (men) getting or giving anal stimulation, anal sex and any toys overall?

Scotty Hotty: It's not something that every man wants to do, but I bet most men think of doing some kind of anal okay, mostly just a finger in the bum from a partner or a girl showing a small dildo in there.

Mistress Mona: I also found out there are many (Asian Straight) men do not like getting anal because they would feel like less of a man and it’s just weird to them…. Any thoughts?

Scotty Hotty: I think that's true, but it's down to the person and how much they want to explore. It feels good and is fun to do some different things every now and again. It is just stimulation, one more thing to play with as long as it feels good.

3 Tips on Getting Anal Sex & Playing Anal Toys

1. Please clean your anus first before you get into playing any kind of anal stimulation or wearing a butt plug, unless you want to see some of your shit stick onto your partner or your toys awkwardly… You will need a Lovetoy Bondage Fetish Deluxe Douche - M>>
Learn Now ►► The First Lesson of Anal Sex 【DOUCHE】

2. Warm-up the Anus: Beginners should start with fingering or putting in a small toy with (extra) lubricant, in order to test out how much you can take and let your butthole warm-up a little. Take it easy, otherwise the entrance of your anus will get really painful and start bleeding.
Silicone Lubricant is highly recommended to use for Anal>>
e.g. SuperSlyde Original Silicone Lubricant>>

If cleanliness is a concern, Findom Graphene - Latex Finger Condom is also recommended>>

3. And just wanna let you know that… you might FART (a lot) after anal sex;)

Male Review on
Toynary AP19 Remote Control Anal Plug for Beginner
(ft. Mistress Mona)

Product Details>>

Small and sexy design, and packs a powerful vibration, nice simple controls with smooth materials. It's small enough to slip inside with little or no discomfort. Nice and comfortable, fits in easily and first stretches the butt hole, maybe too comfortable as I kept thinking it might get pulled inside by my muscles twitching inside. It's not intrusive at all, instead quite relaxing.

Definitely makes me so hard and last a long long time. I enjoyed this little toy a lot.

The vibration is strong, and being able to change it to other settings allowed me to set the vibration to my own rhythm and get comfortable.

Give your partner the remote control for a bit of play. They can change the vibrations and give you a nice sensual surprise.

I could feel it buzzing all through my dick, I was so solid and it made my dick so big for sex after playing a little.

Sex was great, as I was so hard it gave me an extra boost, when I came at the end I felt all my muscles clench and orgasmed so strong.

I had an explosive cum and it took me by surprise.

I'd recommend this to any guy looking to give himself a treat. It's small and sexy enough to just have fun with. The partner doesn't get much out of it apart from having a harder dick inside, but

the user will notice a huge pleasure difference.

From A Female Partner - Mistress Mona’s point of view:

Seeing him get even more enthusiastic after wearing this butt plug, it turned me on even more than before!

It was also very arousing and exciting to play with his ass and stimulate him with this remote control. Next time I can use this to tease him on the street! #PowerPlay And the toy definitely take the sex up to the next level, making it even more interactive. This is absolutely fantastic;)