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The Ultimate Guide to Using Suction Vibrator!
4 Steps to Stimulate the Clit!

Wanta’s team of Sex Toy Enthusiasts has introduced a variety of climax-guaranteed, popular suction vibrators: Womanizer, Womanizer DUO, Lelo Sona... Want to know which one is best for you? Check out our suction vibrator ultimate comparison to help you choose your favorite!
►► Guide to Choosing Your Own Perfect Clitoral Sucking Vibrator!

After choosing the right suction vibrator, many customers have asked how to properly use a one, for either pleasure or reaching orgasms. This time our Sex Toy Enthusiasts would like to introduce one that is great for anyone of any experience - We-Vibe Melt! You can connect it to the remote control app. No more lonely masturbation when you are missing your partner. Your partner gets to control it from afar!

We-Vibe Melt’s Outstanding Feature - Long Distance Remote Control

You can use the free We-Connect™ application, to control the device anytime, anywhere. A remote control vibrator at a short distance is more common, but this long distance kind is different! A very suitable toy for long-distance couples!

“It’s Like Playing a Video Game!”
- Magic Fingers’ Girlfriend

Magic Fingers’ girlfriend described using the We-Connect as fun as playing a video game on the phone, but much better! When she scrolls the waves up and down,controlling the intensity, she could feel the pleasure herself.

“It's a blessing forLong Distance Couples! You can still have so much fun even without seeing each other in person”
- Devoted Geek Girl

Many long-distance couples have this problem - not being able to meet often, so you can only rely on toys to fulfill your fantasy and desire. Because of the pandemic, Devoted Geek Girl hasn't seen her boyfriend in Taiwan for a year, and it was quite unbearable. However, Melt provided them a chance to become closer. While sharing teasing messages on the app, her boyfriend controls the vibrational modes and intensities of Melt. The element of surprise turns her on even more!

How to Connect App with Melt

  1. Download the free We‑Connect app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Pair your We‑Vibe Melt and your smartphone
  3. Send your partner an invite to connect

How Exactly Is a Suction Vibrator Used?
You Can Use it Either With a Partner or with Yourself!

Mistress Mona is here to help!

Step 1:Apply some water based lube on the suction head, in order to create the sealing effect

Step 2:Put the vibrator (Doesn’t need to be on) onto the sensitive area, and slowly familiarise yourself with it. Warm up a bit so that you feel ready for the next stage.

Step 3:After warming up, place it away from your sensitive area and turn it on. Set the intensity to the lowest first, and place it onto the clitoral area. Then raise the intensity step by step.

Step 4: Place the suction head right onto the clit so that it surrounds it without directly touching. No matter how strong the intensity is, it is supposed to not feel painful, because the head is hollow in the middle, which doesn’t put pressure on the clit like regular vibrators.

When finding the most comfortable spot, you can then enjoy their “Pleasure Air Technology”. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t duck your clit as strong as a vacuum cleaner. Instead, you will feel a gentle sucking and light patting on the clit.

Of course, you don’t need to aim at specifically the clog for pleasure. You can try different angles, like slightly tilting it. The most important thing is that you find your constant comfortable and sensitive spot ;)

“We-Vibe Melt is the Quietest, Strongest, and Most Comfortable suction vibrator I’ve ever tried! I even could use it for hours on end!”
- Mistress Mona

Melt has it all - widely ranging from gentle to intense vibrations! This vibrator is really suitable for all users, especially those to like strong massages on the clit. I personally feel that Melt’s vibrations are even stronger than Womanizer Premium, firmer and more intense! Melt is therefore equally my favourite vibrator.

The suction head is connected to the rather curved and slim body, making it super petite and portable.

During the whole masturbation process, you and your clit’s sensations are the most important. Many people might be worried about the vibrating sound that might be too loud, but Melt doesn’t need you to worry about it… You can put down your guards and fully relax.

Women have to understand their own body as well -
what you like and dislike, to feel, to enjoy, and to love yourself.

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