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Scared of Scaring Her Away?
The Fool-Proof DUO Vibrator -
Yverest Tsubomi for Every Newbie!

It’s common for people to be hesitant before buying their first ever toy. “What-if”s often pop up in one’s head - “What if I don’t know how to use it and it’ll disappoint?”, “What if my partner would like the toy too much?”, “What if it’s just a waste of money?”...

What if we tell you that this toy, Yverest - Tsubomi would definitely NOT disappoint you or your partner? In general, it is not only almost the perfect starting toy for anyone curious, but also a high quality foreplay toy for experienced users like “Magic Fingers”, and thanks to Tsubomi, her fingers have become even more magical, which obviously got the seal of approval from them. Make sure to keep reading how “Magic Fingers” and her girlfriend enjoyed a sexual experience only with Tsubomi, so you could see how you yourself can upgrade your own sex.

I can say it’s...
A vibe beginner shall not hesitate to try!

【Magic Fingers’ Top Recommendation for Duo Pleasure】

Functional Fun

Thoughtfully designed for the vast majority of women’s pleasure, this compact vibrator holds many features. The touch to make the USB charger detachable from the body is the perfect disguise for people who share living spaces with other people who are not their partner. All of Wanta’s Sex Toy Enthusiasts are extra impressed with this design, allowing the body to be stored away while the motor discreetly gets charged up.

Apart from the classic vibrational variations of 5 intensities and 5 modes, the subtleties are what I am most impressed with.

Long Enough:

Being between a long bullet vibrator and a short vibrating wand, Tsubomi has irreplaceable qualities in one that could get the job done well.

The length is not too long, but it definitely could stimulate the G-spot with the right angle and the whole vulva area.
At the same time, it is short enough to be stored away easily and to carry it around if you go traveling.

Soft Enough:

Unlike many hard vibrators or vibrating wands, Tsubomi is very elegant and retains a certain kind of softness that allows extremely comfortable insertion. Also, it allows you to bend it however you want!

Smooth Enough:

Coupled with the softness, the smooth surface is a huge plus. For those who are familiar with dildos and vibrators, some toys have a specific kind of texture which makes penetration a little of a hassle, requiring constant lubrication to ensure there's no dragging or discomfort in the vagina. But with Tsubomi, it’s so far the most comfortable dildo that I’ve ever used that doesn’t need much lubrication. It’s. Just. So. Smooth.

【Rewarding Experiment】

My first impression would probably be similar to some of you - what is so special about this product? It looks like some ordinary vibrator with no special shape. For the sake of science, I was determined to try out this toy nevertheless, and it was such a pleasant surprise! I finally understand why it’s worth its price. Only with this quality of a toy that our sexy nights have been drastically elevated, and if anyone is hesitant to start, the process of our experiment, which I will be sharing right after, is a good starting point to refer to.


I made good use of Tsubomi to set the mood for myself and my girlfriend. If you don’t know by now, foreplay is really crucial part of sex and I’m sure that many people could vouch for it, including myself. Here is a kind of foreplay involving a vibrating toy like Tsubomi.


Combined with some sensual caressing, we utilised the vibrational intensities and modes delivered through the smooth Tsubomi. Gently sliding the tip through the skin, especially the sensitive areas, the mere vibrations made us want more.

"I’m usually not one who gets easily stimulated from such kinds of vibrations,
but that night was exceptional..."
- Magic Fingers

From the perspective of the pleaser, my girlfriend was visibly more aroused with the use of Tsubomi. Tracking her sensitive spots like her nipples and inner thighs, I savoured the moment teasing her as much as she could handle, before I placed the light vibrations onto her delicate clit, eliciting a strong moan from the transition.

As from the perspective of receiving, I felt the tip drag along my body slowly, while I was restricted to move. The sense of domination from my girlfriend from all the deliberate teasing turned me on extremely, and Tsubomi was an important agent of the teasing the night. Its surface was smooth and unintimidating, relaxing me even more. With a relatively insensitive clit, I’m usually not one who gets easily stimulated from such kinds of vibrations, but that night was exceptional, the teasing with Tsubomi got me so aroused that my clit was more than ready.


The vibrations were only the beginning. With the material so far the best I’ve ever tried, thus I stand by it being a number one safe choice for every beginner and foreplay, penetration with Tsubomi was amazing.

"I let Tsubomi navigate its way in my girlfriend’s natural curves with the help of my pushes and pulls, and she was clearly immersed in pleasure."
- Magic Fingers

Applying only a little water-based lube onto the smooth vibrator, it easily slipped into my girlfriend who was already very wet from lust. I experimented with the stroking angle and speed, and it was the only dildo that does not start dragging despite a long period of thrusting. I figured out how quick but not too firm thrusting works really well with the shape and the smooth and soft texture of Tsubomi. I let Tsubomi navigate its way in my girlfriend’s natural curves with the help of my pushes and pulls, and she was clearly immersed in pleasure.

When it was my turn to experience the not-too-tough, not-too-soft material - damn, it’s really so comfortable! And the size is not too big,
Perfect for people who do not prefer being stretched

and of course, it is an understandable concern for many as well. My girlfriend tilted the vibrator slightly upwards to aim for my G-spot while thrusting, discovering it being my ideal motion with Tsubomi. That sense of comfortable stimulation really could not be fully captured by my words. You have to try it out yourself to know.


We had been building up the tension purely for this moment, the ultimate at least physical level of intimacy. Thanks to Tsubomi, our bodies were wired up and at the same time relaxed. Foreplay that includes Tsubomi is a delicious icing on the cake. It was not a surprise that the moment my magic fingers penetrated into her, her responses were immediate and intense, just as the same as when I was penetrated.

"The relationship in essence between sex toys and the human sexual parts exist without conflict."
- Magic Fingers

A little debunking: Sex toys are commonly seen as the competitors of our actual body parts - vagina, penis, fingers… But for experienced users, we understand that a toy can achieve what the body cannot, but it works both ways, the body can achieve what a toy cannot. And the relationship in essence between sex toys and the human sexual parts exist without conflict. My girlfriends’ fingers are my ultimate favourite, but that doesn’t mean Tsubomi is not worth the purchase. It’s totally worth it for the elevation that it’s provided for us for sex, and similar to any other toy we’ve deemed worthy an article feature.


A classic example of “Do not judge a book by its cover”, the results blew me away and left me embarrassed for even having the thought cross my mind that it’s no more special than other ones I’ve tried. Nonetheless, to recap, Tsubomi is just right in almost every crucial aspect, the length, softness and smoothness, which has brought our sex to the next level. Only with these qualities, I personally recommend this to anyone who wants to get their hands on their very first toy, or add a foreplay toy into their collection. A promised feel-good toy designed by a woman who knows her way into vaginal pleasure, Tsubomi has set a standard for every other vibrators out there.

*If you have decided to challenge this toy with me, feel free to leave a review and share with us how you experienced Tsubomi! We look forward to all your happy sharing!*