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This Super Extra Lubed Condom Really Can Reduce Ladies’ Pain?

When it comes to condoms, the WANTA team is no stranger to common problems such as breaking and tearing due to dryness, or that the friction (from the dryness) causes pain during sex, or even the loss of sensation once the guy puts it on. But it seems all of these issues will be coming to an end with the JEX Zone Condom. Apart from having its original “Stealth Jelly” lubricant, JEX also claims that the Zone can reduce pain for the ladies, thereby increasing overall satisfaction for both parties. The JEX Zone Condoms also provide a sensation thinner than paper. What’s not to like? That’s why WANTA’s team of Sex Toy Enthusiasts is here to try it out!

【My 3 Thoughts After Using the JEX Zone】

1. It’s not just an ad campaign, the lubricant lasted for an hour!

Now, I’m not trying to brag about my stamina and performance, but the JEX lubricant holds up impressively. And I knew it the moment I held the red condom in my hand - that’s a lot of oil on a condom and it feels smooth. With normal condoms, external lube is a necessity, not with the Zone though! This condom certainly keeps you in the “zone” by having lube that feels just as wet after an hour of sex!

2. My girlfriend said it felt sensational! She demanded to only use this condom from now on.

Before I go into how nice it felt for me, I must point out that there was not a moment where my girlfriend was complaining or crying out in pain because of friction. She was enjoying every bit of it, and it sounded like it too. This must have been because of the extra lubricant on the Zone, which did its job fantastically. The sex felt smooth, which greatly helped in not causing discomfort due to dryness. It turns out that, in order to relieve soreness or dryness that women are experiencing with silicon-based lubricated condoms, JEX has developed this product line specifically with women’s comfort in mind. With their original, additional lubricant agent “Stealth Jelly” on the condom, a moisturizing effect is achieved which significantly decreases soreness and increases the pleasure for both partners.

3. JEX Zone Condom is Not 0.01mm thin but even more enjoyable!

JEX did a research on their own which they gave JEX Zone Condoms and 0.01/0.02mm condoms to 50 groups of couples to test out. The results revealed that 99% of them found JEX Zone condoms even more comfortable to use than those claimed to be ultra-thin condoms. And the satisfaction of having sex with the partner is immediately improved! The JEX Zone condom is actually not 0.01/0.02mm, but they made it feel so thin and enjoyable that I could've sworn it is, bringing me and my girlfriend even closer.

It really felt so freaking good, no wonder so many people are buying it! Honestly, why wait? The earlier you buy it, the sooner you can enjoy using it with your partner!

【Limited Time Offers】

For each purchase of JEX Zone Box of 6 or 10, is given a 10% off discount!
(Valid until September 16)

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Product Features:
- Unique jelly technology
- Made of latex
- Natural type
- Pink color