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Je Joue G-Spot Bullet Vibrator is not only a 【G-Spot Sniper】,
but also an A & U Spot Sniper.

Many People Only Care About the G-Spot, but A & U Spots are also Essential!

Wanta Sex Toy Enthusiast Magic Fingers totally understands some people’s need for selections of dildos that do not necessarily look like a penis. While there are definitely many 6, 7, 8, 9 inch dildos, we don’t see a lot of thinner and smaller varieties.

Fear not, this time around, our Wanta Sex Toy Enthusiasts - Magic Fingers and Newbie TaiMei have found the perfect toy - the Je Joue G-Spot Bullet Vibrator! After Mistress Mona has written an article on Womanizer DUO, touching on the subject of G-spot stimulation, we would like to delve deeper ;) into the female anatomy, as well as introduce more about other toys that could do the job in a different approach.

【Magic Fingers’ Afterthoughts】

Recap of the toy: I first felt nothing, then it gave me unexpected sensations that I would definitely continue exploring - mainly consisting of the A-spot massage, as well as the subtle and indirect anal stimulation.

Let’s make it clear from the get-go. To me, the name is a little misleading, BUT it is still a neat toy to try out for those who do not prioritise thickness on a dildo like me. As a personal review, I won’t deny that it could be a G-spot vibrator for others, but not for me. Its curled shape coupled with the thin circumference is what interested me to give it a go. Before trying it hands-on, I expected that the curled soft tip would press onto my G-spot, mimicking the come-hither fingers, that usual sensation. However, since I used it with my girlfriend, we walked into uncharted waters together when we took turns.

As a cisgender lesbian couple, there is no dick involved in sex. Most of the time, finger penetration is our default and most favourite kind of penetration. We are always open to play around with thicker dildos to spice it up or for some strap-on play. Yet, almost every time we use a dildo, the common comment on it is that we do not like the girth. We don’t need something that stretches the entrance out, but rather something that is able to hit our sweet spots. Once I learned about the Je Joue G-spot bullet vibrator, I was stoked to try it out. Finally, a worthy contestant.

Experience with Je Joue G-spot Bullet Vibrator

I first used it on my girlfriend. Following what the name suggested, I inserted it and pressed it onto her go-to spot for a vibrating massage. Noticing the lack of reaction from the mere penetration, I decided to shift the angle and go deeper. That was when she became more reactive. She later confirmed how she felt nice when I instead pushed it in deeper.

I First Felt Nothing, but When It’s Pushed In Deeper…

When it was my turn to receive, I could first-hand understand how it worked on me. The vibrations were intense enough to be enjoyable, and we both especially liked the continuous or wave-like vibrations on the strongest setting. I first felt nothing, but when it’s pushed in deeper, a surge of unknown pleasure shot up to my brain! It absolutely intrigued me that suddenly so many parts inside were stimulated like I’ve never experienced before.

Much More than a G-spot Vibrator!

Looking at it, and learning that its width is about the same as my two fingers combined, I thought it would simply imitate a feeling of curled fingers on my G-spot. But dang, I was proven wrong. It was definitely much more than a G-spot vibrator! But before I get into detail of those wondrous combinations of pleasure, let’s do a recap of sweet spots inside the vagina so unfamiliar readers would not confuse these spots with one another.

A Lesson on 3 Sweet Spots


An extension of the clit, it is supposedly located 1-2 inches inside the vagina on the wall towards the belly button. The most common motion that hits the spot is the come hither gesture. As a personal tip, the hook motion is maybe even more powerful, where a person keeps the fingers firm like a hook similar to the come hither shape, and moves the whole arm back and forth. Just a lesbian looking out for fellow vaginas. Most G-spots are the rougher or puffier bottle cap sized patch, especially when people are turned on. It is one of the closest parts to the Skene’s gland - the gland that prompts squirting.

How to Best Stimulate the Spot

The G-spot often responds best to fairly firm motions, therefore fingers are extremely compatible with it, being able to adjust the angle and provide a firm stimulation. After warming up, couples can definitely consider more finger penetration on the person to evoke even more pleasure. But for many people, including myself, it’s very hard to stimulate it with our own fingers, so when masturbating, a curved dildo angled correctly is best, we personally recommend the Womanizer DUO for this.

It is not certain for everybody to successfully find the G-spot, because every body is different. But good news, there is more than the often sought-after G-spot.


As known as the urethral opening, it is surrounded by spongy erectile tissue that can become ‘plumped up’ or stiffer when aroused. Being more sensitive, it is another close part to the Skene’s gland - the gland that prompts squirting.

How to Best Stimulate the Spot

It responds best to gentle caressing. Keep in mind that the U-spot is an extremely sensitive part of the vagina, it’s easily hurt once stimulated too aggressively. For people who like steamy rough sex, I suggest to avoid this area.

Instead, please the spot with light and soft touches or strokes, rather than pressure or pushing, on the condition that it is copiously slippery and wet, not dry and dragging (water-based lube is your best friend, one we recommend is our best seller Organic Non-irritating water-based lube - Sliquid Organics Natural ).

If your partner has a penis, try applying plenty of mild water-based lubricant between the vagina lips, and gently run the head repeatedly from the entrance of the vaginal opening up to the clitoris and back again.
And yes, licking.


Short for ‘Anterior fornix erogenous zone’, it is a region deep inside the front vaginal wall, usually about 4 to 6 inches back, and about 2-3 inches higher than the G-spot, behind the cervix. It does not have a special texture like the G-spot and U-spot. Blended into the vaginal canal, it is indeed harder to find, but not impossible! It is probably a spot where in usual penis penetration people could feel the stimulation. One of the important areas, it helps produce much more natural moisture in the vagina, keeping the heat going.

How to Best Stimulate the Spot

Not everyone likes to be probed, penetrated, prodded or poked this deeply, and if sex adventurers decide to explore it, you have to be careful not to accidentally bash the cervix.

Personally, rapid pressing onto the A-spot with straight fingers angled correctly, at the same time ensuring the pressure is not too much, just fast and enough, that feeling is really nice.

To extract some methods from the article of Healthline (which we have attached the reference link at the end):

1)Lie on your back.
2)Insert your fingers inside, palm facing up, fingertips curled towards your belly button.
3)Locate your G-spot, then slide your fingers up inch by inch.
4)Experiment with small side-to-side and long swiping motions.

With a partner in doggy (personal success rate 100%):
1)Get on your hands and knees, with your partner positioned behind you.
2)Have them enter you with their fingers from behind, palm facing down.
3)Ask them to curl their fingers downward in a come hither motion, then move deeper inside you.

Not only based on my own experience, but reports also say that A-spot stimulation produces overwhelming orgasms that radiate across the entirety of the pelvis and down the legs. It could be a learning curve for people to find an A-spot touching technique that works for them. Take as much time as you need!

Continued Experience with Je Joue G-spot Bullet Vibrator

...suddenly so many parts inside were stimulated like I’ve never experienced before.

Indirect Anal Stimulation

I am not an experienced anal player, but the vibrator invoked the feeling of the only time I tried finger penetration on my butt, and it felt good. Not only could I relive the experience of a beginner’s anal play, but I did not have something directly up my butt. When the vibrator is inserted into vagina, it makes sense since in anal play, people say that anal penetration can indirectly stimulate the A-spot as well.


The vibrations are most prominent on the soft tip, but they could still be felt along the body. For me, when doing the thrusting action, the vibrations slid through my U-spot, inducing this feeling of having pee, which is also the feeling of wanting to squirt!

One final push and it guaranteed a leg-shaking, out-of-body mixed orgasm.


To relay from what I said before when it’s pushed in deeper, I believe it was the A-spot that got stimulated, simultaneously with the previous two stimulations. The only downside is the absence of the base or a stable handle. The product is only 11.5cm long, so it is not certain that it could reach everyone's A-spot. It also does not have a base or a stable handle. When too heated, it might be more difficult to pull it out of the vagina. Adding my best friend, Womanizer into the mix, the strong vibrations collide. After a long tease of alternating speed and intensity in both the thrusting and vibrations, one final push and it guaranteed a leg-shaking, out-of-body mixed orgasm.
(*Note: Everyone’s A-spot is located differently. For those who know that their A-spot is rather deep inside, it’s better to not force it in, since this vibrator does not have a base.)

Of course, having a partner using it on you and using it on yourself are two different things. I myself feel much more inside during sex as opposed to masturbation, which is why I prefer sole external stimulation when masturbating.

It still couldn’t beat girlfriend’s good ol’ fingers, but in my opinion it is worth a try!

【Newbie TaiMei's Afterthoughts】

In terms of experience with sex toys, I'm a beginner. I seldom masturbate with sex toys, so immidiately Je Joue's G-spot Bullet Vibrator seems like a good starting toy. As a beginner, when using a new product, I always have a lot of worry and fear of the unknown. However, the meticulous design and diverse patterns of the vibrator enabled me to explore sexual pleasure in many aspects which I gradually adapted to.

The Je Joue G-spot Bullet Vibrator has five vibration speeds, ranging from the first setting being a light vibration, to vibrations that gradually strengthen and accelerate. Thanks to the variety, I could learn how to get used to the unknown pleasure by increasing the speed. If you rarely use a vibrator, you can first massage the clitoris with gentle vibrations. The smooth material can be placed directly on or around the clit without any discomfort. Since the clitoris is more sensitive, clitoral massage can act as a warm-up process for the body. The gentle vibrations will not make the user overwhelmed. Pleasure will slowly accumulate, imitating the comfortable feeling of fingers slowly rubbing. If external stimulation is already not enough to satisfy your needs, then you can try to place the vibrator onto the vaginal opening, and start exploring your internal pleasure.

As I am used to stimulating the clit to achieve orgasms and pleasure during masturbation, I seldom venture into the insides of my vagina, resulting in the unstretched vaginal opening to be relatively narrow. The compact body designed by Je Joue doesn’t make me worry about whether it is difficult to put it into the vagina. The material used is also relatively smooth, so less friction leads to less irritation or discomfort. At the same time, the head of the vibrator massages the lips and opening to help the vagina slowly relax and lubricate itself for easy insertion.

Because of its short and portable design, it is more difficult to stimulate the G-spot for women with deeper or less obvious G-spots. In my past sexual experience, I belong to the type of person with a G-spot which is less sensitive and difficult to find. Therefore, when using this product, through the seven vibration modes, I could find out how to make the curved vibrator stimulate and please my G-spot more easily. The 7 rhythmic vibrations are different, in terms of lengths and intervals. For women with low internal sensitivity, I suggest increasing the intensity of vibration and using a continuous pattern for stimulation. When you want to take a break, you can set a rhythm with bursts of vibration.

The five levels of intensity have their own advantages. However, when the vibrator is used for external stimulation, the sound is louder in high intensity and a continuous pattern, especially in a quiet environment. It may be necessary to adjust the vibration into the burst patterns to reduce the volume. Despite this slight drawback, its USB charging is quite actually convenient. You don't need to replace the battery. The port is covered by a silicone cover at the bottom of the vibrator. Moreover, the whole vibrator is waterproof. If the curved head does not provide enough stimulation, the whole vibrator can be put into the vagina.

The perfectly curved design allows users to explore the internal and external orgasms with varying patterns and intensity.

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