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Wanta’s Team of Sex Toy Enthusiasts has 2 new crew members who come from different backgrounds. One is an avid masturbator and nerd, Everyday, while the other is the partner of our Enthusiast, LadY, both here to share their reviews on this masturbator. This is not any ordinary masturbator, but a vibrator designed for penises - FunFactory’s Manta!

Have You Ever Had an Explosive Orgasm
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Our tested report has finally explained why in Wanta’s website, it is our best selling male electronic masturbator!

【Avid User Review】

Nerdy Wanta’s Sex Toy Enthusiast - Everyday
He who has been Using Masturbators for Many Many Years

In the world of sex toys, high quality vibrators are usually designed for vaginas. In our era striving for gender equality, could there finally be a competent vibrator for specifically designed for people with penises?

Good news for all of us - introducing “Manta”, a vibrator exactly made for our shafts. Produced by German brand FunFactory, and 100% made in Germany, the silicone quality is definitely reliably one of the best. Combined with a motor that outperforms Asian brands, its sole vibrational power could adequately induce impactful orgasms. Apart from solo pleasure, Manta’s C-shaped tip is designed for convenience in couple play. When you penetrate the other person, the vibrations in Manta would transfer along the shaft to the canal, making it definitely one of the few vibrators in the market that is suitable for solo and couples play for the phallus.

Manta has 6 kinds of vibrational modes, and 6 kinds of vibrational intensity, making out 36 varieties of pleasure. Fully charged after 4 hours, it runs for up to 2 hours, an impressive endurance. Common vibrator brands emphasize the frequency of a vibrator, and one of Manta’s best qualities is its vibrational power. With a motor extra big, when you touch the surface, you feel a pulsating kind of stimulation. The sensation is even more prominent in low settings. For the outstandingly designed C-shaped tip, apart from the stimulating patting on the head, moving it downwards along the crevices of the shaft makes the vibrations feel even stronger.

Knowing how strong the vibrations of Manta are, I believe that there are people who are already interested in getting the taste. Get ready to come till you cannot! Of course, that is the most intense way to orgasm, but my personal tip is to fully utilise the function of Manta and the unique using methods. You can try this - at the very moment you edjaculate, adjust the intensity to the lowest setting, breathe deeply along the rhythm of the vibrational pattern, lift up your ass, and shoot once again! Each shot of ejaculation would take up so much of your energy. When the strong sense of euphoria in your brain dissipates, what’s left is your slightly sore lower body muscles, then you would understand that kind of fulfillment you get from working out if you haven’t.

When talking about partnered play, Manta puts much attention on creativity. With so many methods:

1)If you haven’t pissed off your partner prior to the session, give them control over Manta. They can use the lubricated toy as an alternative to their hand, giving you a vibrational handjob.

2)Another way is to use it during blowjobs, having the base of the cock massaged while the front half is being sucked.

3)One reminder is that the part between your balls and anus is really sensitive. If your partner finds that sweet spot and “attacks” it with Manta, your partner might get a glance of a facial expression they have not seen on you before, as you might get entangled in the sensations of pleasure and pain.

4)Mutual pleasure can be achieved through Manta. Wrap it around the base, transforming it into a vibrating penis, enough to satisfy both parties even more. But if the person being penetrated has a clit, one advantage over them is that when penetrating deep, the wings of Manta would reach the clit, stimulating it when the vibrations.

After all the fun, nothing spoils the pleasure more than having to clean the toy. Masturbator users would definitely understand the troubles, while people who use toys during couple play would worry about the cleanliness of the toy, since vaginas are really sensitive to foreign bacteria. This is when the benefit of Manta’s material comes into play. As FunFactory predominantly produces vibrators for vaginas, the quality of the silicone is second to none, let alone comparing it with traditional masturbators. Since it is fully waterproof, washing it with soap and water is enough. The only usual downside to silicone is that it collects dust easily. After patting down the surface dry, it would be better to store it in the bag included. You could rinse it a little right before using, maximising your enjoyment during use!

Even if you haven’t made up your mind, it doesn’t hurt to check out the product sample in our stores. See if you have a connection with it. Despite the consistent and strong vibrations in Manta, it doesn’t create loud noises, adding some spice into your solo play. At the same time, for those who are open to including vibrators into sex, Manta could be one of your options. With that few vibrators that are catered to your shaft, don’t miss out the fun!

【Enthusiast Couple Review】

Newbie Boyfriend of Wanta’s Sex Toy Enthusiast - LadY
He who has Never Tried a Male Electronic Masturbator before

It’s my first time ever trying out a vibrator, and when my girlfriend used it on me, it made my dick feel so sore yet so good!

Even though the design looks a bit weird, it felt quite comfortable. It was like a soft ring gently wrapping around my dick. My girlfriend cuffed the vibrator around my shaft and moved it up and down. I kind of needed some time to adjust to the intensity of the vibrations when it’s combined with the speed of a handjob. Nevertheless, that was a really interesting and new experience.

While using it, my girlfriend went down on me, and let me tell you… the sensation of my balls getting vibrated while getting blown gets a chef’s kiss. I almost couldn’t handle that new and extreme pleasure. Of course, I don’t have to say much about wrapping around the head. I didn’t even ejaculate and I had so much pleasure and reached an orgasm!

【Wanta Anonymous Customer Review】

This thing uses the massaging method to make you feel nice. It would keep vibrating until you couldn’t stand that sore and numbing feeling. (It’s quite refreshing to come without stroking)

It’s a whole different ball game to cups and masturbators that mainly create pleasure through suction and stroking. Before buying, remember to ask yourself what kind of stimulation you pursue.

Its few feature highlights are waterproof, hence easy to clean and wash. The motor is quiet enough to me, and the factory’s crafting is good. You could just lie down and hold it till you cum from vibrations. It really is especially suitable for dudes who don’t even bother moving or feel like having a lazy day.