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How Are Clitoral Sucking Vibrators
Different from Traditional Vibrators?

Do you all still remember a while ago, WANTA held an【Exclusive Offer】| "Discover your Clitoral Sucking Climax within 30 Minutes" Challenge?! The report of the event is out now! This report proved clitoral sucking vibrators’ power and why they are so popular these days.

As one of the Wanta’s Sex Toys Enthusiasts, while organizing the THE ONE event, I could not refuse the temptation of THE ONE, and decided to join the challege together!


"There is NO GOING BACK after trying out the trial pack of Womanizer, THE ONE!  The clitoral sucking vibration will make you keep coming back. IT’S LEGIT!  Tearing Up Out Of Extreme Pleasure!"

-Wanta Sex Toys Enthusiast

【Thoughts after Using THE ONE】
The vibration of THE ONE is like a 360-degree all around sound surrounding your clitoris. The vibration reaches the clitoris from the top to bottom and back, parts where a bullet vibrator would never reach. It’s like how a back scratcher can scratch somewhere you can’t. Let’s recall the 5 Main Thoughts on Suction Vibrators article written by another Wanta Sex Toys Enthusiast! The clitoral sucking vibrator, Womanizer Premium satisfies her clit like how it is during oral sex, sucking onto the clit and except it can be much stronger and it never gets tired. In a sense that the special design allows you to place the vibrator surrounding your clit without having to touch it, simultaneously sucking your clit and sending vibrations to the deeper nerve endings underneath the surface, giving you extremely intense pleasure.

I had 6 or 7 orgasms using THE ONE within 30 minutes. Wanta’s Sex Toys Enthusiast definity won the "Discover your Clitoral Sucking Climax within 30 Minutes" Challenge!
It only has 30 minutes of lifespan… really not enough for me… My heart was broken when THE ONE stopped. I DECIDED TO BUY WOMANIZER PREMIUM so I can play with it as long as I want!


As you can see, the vibration of the Traditional Vibrator on the left is very intense, the vibration is scattered outwards, splashing the water everywhere. However the vibration of Womanizer on the right is intense but centered, there are only bubbles and water splashes where the nozzle is as shown in the video.

The mechanic behind the Clitoral Sucking Vibrators is that the air is being sucked in and pushed out from the suction nozzle continuously. There is no air that can be entered when the nozzle is placed on the clitoris. But the Womanizer continues to suck and push back out the air so it achieves a vacuum suction feeling. Using the air to "slap & suck" the clitoris through the nozzle. And, this is Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology

This technique can make the clitoris erect quicker, encouraging blood to flow toward it for enhanced sensitivity and get the person into the zone. In addition, the sucking vibration only concentrates on stimulating the entire C spot, and it sends the vibration to the deeper nerve endings underneath the surface, giving users extremely intense pleasure. It has a reason to be named as Womanizer;)

Check out Womanizer NOW!

【How Womanizer Changed My Mind】
A long time ago, I used another clitoral sucking vibrator, Satisfyer Pro Deluxe. As the silicone nozzle is only very slightly protruded from the body, it is extremely difficult to match the head with the clitoris. Because of this, SPD gave me an awful impression on clitoral sucking vibrators. However, THE ONE offered me another chance to test out clitoral sucking vibrators again. The nozzles of THE ONE and Premium are much more protuberant so it’s easier for users to match the head with the clitoris. With the nozzle of Womanizer Premium being detachable, it is really easy to clean and wash. 

【Thoughts on Womanizer Premium】
Apart from the stimulation head, the body of the Womanizer is also well-designed. It is very comfortable not only to hold onto, but also to be put on the top of the bikini area, allowing you to let go of your hands and clamp it with your thighs, while the Womanizer does its work and you can enjoy as many orgasms as you can! The design of Womanizer Premium is way more elegant and thoughtful than W100 and 500. The body length is exactly right, not too long or short, and it uses a matte surface as texture. The simple control pad is on the back of the body which helps your fingers easily find the buttons and switch intensities or modes when you close your eyes while enjoying pleasure and orgasms.

For my first time using it, I turned on the Womanizer, saw the light was on but there was no vibration… I thought maybe I needed to press the “+ -” buttons to activate the vibration. However, the vibrations were activated when I accidentally touched the nozzle. That’s how I remembered its unique and interesting function, Smart Silence. It was my very first time to test out this function as an experienced sex toy user. Smart Silence means the vibration is only activated when the stimulation head detects an object, water or skin. This function is beneficial for when you become overwhelmingly aroused and need to take a break from the vibrator. You don’t have to be afraid of vibrations being heard as well. The Womanizer is super quiet, so you don’t need to use a blanket to cover up the sound of vibrator anymore. 

The sensation and pleasure bought by the clitoral sucking vibrator is TEN-TIMES STRONGER AND WAY MORE PLEASURABLE than a typical vibrator. Don’t forget THE ONE is just the trial version of Womanizer, The Womanizer Premium is even stronger than THE ONE, precisely HITTING THE C-SPOT! ORGASMIC EYE ROLLS! Therefore, it helps ladies get into the mood or zone very quickly, definitely suitable for couples to use! It is a very wonderful helper who can save up lots of time from foreplay and go straight to the sex!

I have to mention the exquisite packaging. Even the trial one is very beautifully packaged, not to mention the premium version. The box is way too beautiful to be thrown away. The premium version comes with an extra nozzle, storage bag, USB head charging and instructions. 

The Womanizer Premium is an absolute good deal and the price is totally worth it. It has intensified my orgasms and raised my standards on vibrator as an experienced Sex Toy Enthusiast.

Now let’s see the participants'SEXY FEEDBACK;)

【Sexy Feedback】

1. Incredible! I have never experienced anything like it and not sure I could reach that level of climax without the ONE! Highly recommended!

2. Came within only a few minutes! The main idea is that this kind of climax is not induced only through the surface, but directly through the deeper parts of the clitoris! Using different frequencies to vibrate the clit, it absolutely is a speed train to orgasm land! The material is comfortable, and my clit didn’t get sore from all the sucking. Apart from using it for masturbation, it is more exciting to use in bed with my partner. If you haven't tried clitoral orgasm, or if your partner does not give much attention to your clit, the ONE is definitely worth a try! (translated)

3. Although it has only 3 levels of intensity, it is quite enough for me. For my first time using sex toys, I never expected that the trial version can already bring about so much pleasure and help me climax, even squirt. It’s so fascinating! (translated)

According to the data of the
WANTA's THE ONE Review Form,
nearly 80% of participants achieved both pleasure and orgasm through THE ONE!

4. At the beginning, I felt that the suction was not strong enough. It needed to be increased to the second suction level before I started to feel the pleasure. Soon after in full force, I suddenly felt the pleasurable impact. The waterproof feature was truly effective because I used it in the bathroom. The material was also comfortable, not too hard or too soft. (translated)

5. Ever since I started having sex, I had rarely stimulated my clitoris, until I got THE ONE. My partner helped me in trying out the experience of clitoral pleasure, in addition to nipple stimulation, doubling the enjoyment and satisfaction. (translated)

6. The first time I tried this kind of toy, I thought that the suction was not adequate, so I was worried that I wouldn’t feel much. BUT, the result was that even only using the minimal intensity sucking for one minute, I couldn’t help but come already! A while later, I even felt like I squirted. The feeling was refreshingly comfortable. (translated)