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What does "Je Joue" Mean?

Meaning "I Play" in French, Je Joue strongly believes in the element of play in a healthy sex life, otherwise, where is the pleasure in it?

They like to think of Je Joue as the ingenious love child of innovative British design and a sexy French 'je ne sais quoi' – sophisticated and elegantly naughty. They're also proud to advocate for self-love and cherish having the opportunity to introduce new experiences to all sexualities and genders.

Story of Je Joue

Since 2005, they have entered the sex toy industry with the mindset to advocate sex positivity and self-love through encouraging people to explore their own bodies. To debunk the initial impressions of sex toys, which were once rather overtly sexualised and dramatised, Je Joue is dedicated to offer a new image for sex toys. Through extensive research and insights from experts, a diversity of sex toys and kegal balls are made, with uniquely elegant designs and high quality, body-safe, and vegan materials.

What is Special about Je Joue?

They are not only a sex toy company based in London, despite producing the variety of high-quality sex toys; but they are also an evidently passionate brand that utilises their platform for sex education, especially in practical ways to explore different aspects of the vast world of sex - ranging from masturbation to anal sex to BDSM. At the same time, their toys are ensured to be great additions to be incorporated into sex, as they say, to "close the pleasure gap".

Another great feature worth noting is their kegal balls, Ami. Knowing the large range of benefits they bring, our Wanta's Sex Toys Enthusiasts believe that they deserve more attention, for the sake of improved sex life:
Is Your Vagina Getting Loose? 2 Easy Kegel Exercises with Je Joue Ami - Kegel Balls, Train Your Vagina to Return to the Tightness You Once Had!

Je Joue & Wanta

Wanta's team of Sex Toy Enthusiasts have tried out a couple of their toys, and have written articles specifically on Je Joue's G-Spot Bullet & Mimi Soft:

Je Joue G-Spot Bullet Vibrator is not only a G-Spot Sniper, but also an A & U Spot Sniper.
Take Away These Three Tricks, So You Could Satisfy Yourself With Just One Vibrator: Vibrations, Rubs, and Licks!

Their Products