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Wanta Sex Toys Enthusiasts Team

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We are a diverse group of ambitious sex toy testers, who dedicate ourselves in trying and challenging various types of curious and stimulating toys, then happily sharing our experiences. We range from beginner to experienced, with different tastes, sexualities, and personalities. Occasionally, we also share some indispensable sex knowledge and methods on using sex toys. If you’re up for the adventure, join us and stay tuned to our page Wanta Fanatic News to try out the toys we shared!

Sex Toy Enthusiasts Profiles
Those Challenging Orgasm-inducing Vibrators & G-spot Wands Must Know:

【Mistress Mona】
A Submissive Mistress who fell in love with sex toys 6 years ago

- Played with Vibrators, Wands and Dildos ranging from Well-known to No-name Brands
- Has a Sensitive G-Spot
- Loves Having Sex with Foreigners and Being Served by Men

“I think that masturbation is a kind of self-love. Sex is in your blood, it’s a part of you, it’s not something filthy nor to be ashamed of. To me, masturbation is a process of psychological development, where people can fulfil their sexual needs, explore and understand their own bodies more. You have to first figure out what you like, and how you like to be touched before you can tell others how to please you ;). I’m not afraid to share my thoughts on Sex and using Sex Toys, and hopefully I can help other people solve their sexual frustrations and find the right toys for them!”

First Experience with Sex Toys: I was tired of using my hands to masturbate (both literally and figuratively!), so I decided to look up #vibrator on Instagram. And that’s how I found my very first sex toy LOL. It was one of the most famous vibrators back around 10 years ago, known as "The Absolute Orgasm Vibrator" in Japan. I have rarely masturbated with my hands since then. For quite some time, I was so addicted that I bought extra ones to replace it when it broke down.

All-Time Favourite Toys: Womanizer Premium (I use it every night♡) / We-Vibe Melt

Tested Reviews:
How Are Clitoral Sucking Vibrators Different from Traditional Vibrators?
You must know the power of C and G Spot Duet Stimulation!
What actually is the difference between LELO SONA 2 & SONA 2 Cruise?!
Cheating With Vibrator?! This Lovense Lush 2 Vibrator has a free Online Hookup App!
LELO SORAYA WAVE - the Swinging Rabbit Vibrator! Imitates NOT ONLY Come-Hither Fingers, but also Actual Thrusting!
Guide to Choosing Your Own Perfect Clitoral Sucking Vibrator!
Fun Factory Sundaze - A Whole New Way to Stimulate the G-spot! “Vibrating”, “Tapping” and “Pulsing”!
The Ultimate Guide to Using Suction Vibrator! 4 Steps to Stimulate the Clit!
Take Away These Three Tricks, So You Could Satisfy Yourself With Just One Vibrator: Vibrations, Rubs, and Licks!
Takes Only 10 Seconds to Learn How to Lick the Entire Body Using A Must-Try Motor Tongue, Fun Factory - Volta!
Even More Arousing for Men Using Butt Plug? Give You 3 Tips On Playing with Butts!

【Devoted Geek Girl】
Lv 1 Amateur Cutie

- Just started in the world of sex toys
- Loves Clitoral Sucking Vibrators
- Still exploring my sensitive spots
- Gets off from 18+ ASMR

“To me, sex is an enigma, a mysterious world with unknown delights and variables waiting to be discovered/uncovered, it’s like the floating islands in "Inside Out", and I only just stepped onto the island of self-pleasure. I always thought that I wasn’t meant for sex, only to find out (with the aid of sex toys) that that was far from the truth!”

First Experience with Sex Toys: Out of pure coincidence, I joined Wanta’s "30-minute Clitoral Sucking Orgasm Challenge -- Giveaway THE ONE event". I tried using sex toys for the first time--I am not unfamiliar with the term sex toys, but to actually try them out requires a certain courage, the traditional notion that sex is embarrasing and a taboo was somewhat ingrained in my thoughts after all. Little did I know that my virgin experience would bring such a leg-quivering experience for me, that I even squirted for the very first time!

Tested Reviews:
Je Joue G-Spot Bullet Vibrator is not only a G-Spot Sniper, but also an A & U Spot Sniper.
Guide to Choosing Your Own Perfect Clitoral Sucking Vibrator!
How Does LELO SILA Heighten Pleasure? Learn These 3 Things NOW!

Those Challenging Masturbators Must Know:

【The Hero】
A man on a quest to conquer all fleshlights and masturbators in the universe.

Life is a game, a game governed by the laws of the jungle, where every man fights in their desire for strength and power. In the hard expedition of life, it is inevitable that the protagonist in his prime suffers from lack of love and affection from the opposite sex, and resorts to their right hand in an attempt to fill their void and loneliness. Yet, with growing up, the lustful beast can not be merely satisfied by the touches of the familiar, ice-cold palm. It was not until the encounter of the fleshlight that the protagonist is relieved of the cruel realities of life with the joys and colours of masturbation. Since then, my arsenal of fleshlights have become the perfect companion to my never-ending quest, hence why they all call me Sir Fapalot.

First Encounter with Sex Toys: Bought a dual-entry masturbator right after my girlfriend broke up with me, been using it ever since, never looked back.

Tested Reviews:
Magic Eyes - Mouth of Truth A Heavenly Blowjob Deepthroat Experience!
Closest To A REAL Boob Job Play With It However You Want!
The Latest Generation Male Orgasm Machine. The Suction Vibrator for Men, ARCWAVE - ION, is Finally Here!


【Monsieur Moon】
A newbie to the world of sex toys

- Curious as to how the each toy works and how one manages to feel better than the other
- Bedroom preference: Dominant, I enjoy being in control >:)
- Porn Preferences: Despite being dominant, I don’t enjoy overly violent ones. Gets off from seeing the female enjoying herself, and I completely agree with Magic Fingers that the right moaning sounds do make a difference.

First experience with sex toys: I've been my own right-hand man when it comes to sexual gratification to the self, but ever since some friends bought a Tenga 3D Zen for me from their trip to Japan as a joke, I realised although the convenience of my hands are irreplaceable, the experience from a fleshlight is night and day. Once you go fleshlight, you never go back.

Favourite toy:Still finding one!

Favourite position: Missionary, Doggystyle

Tested Reviews:
The Legendary Masturbator that You Should Know - R-20!
Swords Ready to Get Destroyed by Stoya Destroya!
Quickie Trinity - Fun & Convenient! 3 Toy's Heart Masturbators, 3 Pseudo-realistic Sensations.

【Joe Baker】
I am an active and excitable man with a lot of varied interests in life (including sex/sexuality/pleasure), I have lived as an expat for almost half my life and have recently moved to HK.

-Scientific (Logician – INTP-T personality type)

First experience with sex toys:
-I have used handcuffs and blindfolds with sexual partners in the past (first time ~6 years ago)
-The first experience with a masturbator was with Lolinco Soft which was also my first time writing a review for a sex toy.
-I have never tried anal toys, but soon

Tested Reviews:
Unboxing & Genuine Review on Magic Eyes Lolinco Premium Soft. How to Keep your Favorite “Fresh Girlfriend” - Lolinco Fresh?

A veteran nerd who jerks off more than he eats

“If there was a record for a streak of masturbating everyday, I would probably be on a never-ending quest on breaking the Guiness World Record. Masturbating since primary school, I aspire to be the man who dedicates his life to fleshlights, and adult videos. But no matter how many types and variants I have tried and watched, my heart always yearns for the Japanese productions. Recently my tastes in porn have become somewhat kinky as well ;)

I judge fleshlights and decide that they either belong to the god-tier, or trash, there is no in-between. At the end of the day, it’s all about the feeling, isn’t it?”

Favourite Toys: SPIRAL (slightly stiff), R-20 (First Generation) and all stimulating-type fleshlights (my tip in masturbating: use them one after one for the best feeling)

Tested Reviews:
Everyone NEEDS to Know about This Device, Fun Factory - Manta!


【Zettai ryōiki-philiac】
An Otaku with 2 years of experience with sex toys

“I’ve played around with different brands of toys, including the classic ones from Tenga, fleshlights manual and automatic, these are to name but a few. Apart from just watching porn videos, I also switch over to Hentai manga and anime depending on the mood. In terms of sex toys, I find the Tenga Eggs to be the most convenient, it’s easy to stimulate the glans, easy to wash and most importantly, very easy to store away!

In all seriousness though, sometimes I do wonder, why is it that children can have their toys all out in the open, but adults have to hide theirs away?”

Favourite Toys: Masturbator Egg

Tested Reviews:
I Actually Tried the 360-degree Revolving Dragon Cup! If a Woman Used it on Me it would be Much More Stimulating!
First Choice for the Loli Complex Magic Eyes - Maiden's Shame Meat

Those Challenging Couple Toys
and Better Fingering Must Know:

【Magic Fingers】
Skilled & Charming Lesbian

- Started playing with sex toys last year
- Best friend is a Clitoral Sucking Vibrator
- Versatile; can play almost any role in bed
- Gets most wet only when pleasing (not pleased!)
- Favourite Porn Category: Female Masturbation, with moaning sounds as a huge key factor

“Firmly believes that with constructive communication and an open mind, anyone’s skills can improve.”

First Experience with Sex Toys: Just like how "Monsieur Moon" says, I’ve always been my own right hand woman since learning about masturbating. Have always thought that since toys cost money, while knowing that I’m not so sensitive, I didn’t dare buy one and face the possibility of it being stored away after a one-time use. Until last year, my generous friend gifted me the Womanizer, which then I’ve realised you usually get what you paid for, on the condition that you understand your own body, like how "Mistress Mona" words it. I was lucky on my first try, but finding the right toy takes trial error every now and then. Accompanying me along my journey for over a year, this best friend is really loyal.

Fav Toy(s): Womanizer Premium / Strap-on

Fav Position(s):
the Lean In, the Bermuda Triangle, the Erotic Maypole

Tested Reviews:
My 5 Main Thoughts On Clitoral Sucking Vibrators
Je Joue G-Spot Vibrator is not only a G-spot Sniper, but also an A and G-spot Sniper
Public Discreet Play! We-Vibe Moxie, the Panty Vibrator You Should Try!
Having Menstruation Can Be This Carefree? Menstrual Cup is an Absolute Life-Changer!
Guide to Choosing Your Own Perfect Clitoral Sucking Vibrator!
Scared of Scaring Her Away? The Fool-Proof DUO Vibrator - Yverest Tsubomi for Every Newbie!
Fun Factory Sundaze - A Whole New Way to Stimulate the G-spot! “Vibrating”, “Tapping” and “Pulsing”!
Trying Beginner-Level BDSM in a Hotel to Spice Up Your Sex Life!
Spice Up Your Weekend! Foreplay on the Streets AND in the Sheets
"Wanna Try Spanking Tonight?"

Those Challenging Anal (Prostate) Toys Must Know:

【Scotty Hotty】
A Chill Scots Man who has a strong penis that gets hard easily and lasts for many rounds. “Everyone loves sex, so why not have fun while doing it, try new things, get a little weird.”

First Experience with Sex Toys: I've used toys with girls in the past, vibrators or dildoes. Only on them though, hadn't really thought about using male toys.

First Experience with Anal: One night when I was having drunk sex with this cute girl, I stuck my finger in her ass, and she stuck her finger in mine, the feeling from her inside made my cum so hard, I've done it a few times since.

Tested Reviews:
Takes Only 10 Seconds to Learn How to Lick the Entire Body Using A Must-Try Motor Tongue, Fun Factory - Volta!
Even More Arousing for Men Using Butt Plug? Give You 3 Tips On Playing with Butts!

Those Exploring Condoms Must Know

【Long Live Lick-King】
A faithful man to his lucky girlfriend--not called Lick King for no reason ;)

- Loves using Condre Deluxe high-stimulation penis sleeves
- Porn Preference: Blowjobs

Most Satisfying Sexperience:The arousing moment when I discovered the key to making my partner wet.

Favourite Toy: Genmu Oral Air

Tested Reviews:
This Super Extra Lubed Condom Really Can Reduce Ladies’ Pain?