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A-one Crescente CR_016

Brand: A-One

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The design of this one-pieced suit is originated from the sport uniform of Japanese students. It triggers those who are fond of the youth spirit and the high school vibe.

A-one Crescente CR_016

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1pc / 89g


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Product Details

The leotard comes in white with blue cuffs and collar at the upper body. The lower part is a high cut blue shorts with white stripes. For those who love role play should like this. The high cut design and flattering hip lines shows large part of your bum and legs. It makes your legs look slimmer and longer, which also means more attractive.

Product characteristics:
- packing include a piece of CR_016
- snap button at the crotch

Product specifications:
- Packing: 29 x 18 x 2cm
- Weight:73 g

Imported from Japan