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Tenga Premium Rolling Head Cup

Brand: Tenga

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Roll this head for some eye-rolling pleasure! This Rolling Head Cup is designed for those who love intense stimulation around their head. WIth the extremely tight tunnel enveloping your shaft, play around with the rolling head, which has a huge nub with protrusions, to please your own sensitive head.

Tenga Premium Rolling Head Cup

ID: 9471

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1pc / 156g


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Product Details

The internal structure is a simple tight tunnel with a wavy pattern that swirls throughout. The middle is an extremely flexible neck that allows the head to roll. While at the end, the head is met with a head that has a large nub with tiny protrusions for an intense massage and stimulation.

The Rolling Head Cup is elastic with an air hole on the top for extra vacuum suction. The sucking effect coupled with the rolling head produces a kind of stimulation that makes the user’s head all worked up and aroused for the final blow.

The Premium Series is chosen to be created with higher quality material, different from standard Tenga cups. The material enhances the cup’s elasticity, and stickiness when coupled with lubrication.

Product Characteristics:
- Rolling head design
- Adjustable air hole
- Premium elastic design
- Stimulating internal structure
- Silicone guarantees realistic stickiness
- Non-reusable
- Washed with cold/warm water with soap

Imported from Japan