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Tenga Premium Air Cushion Cup

Brand: Tenga

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You pull, it sucks! The intricately designed Air Cushion cup has evolved into a premium version. This elastic cup creates an enveloping tightness around your shaft, and as you pull it out, the cup utilises the air flow, intensely stimulating your head. The material ensures comfort, while your shaft and head can enjoy the wave-like pleasure.

Tenga Premium Air Cushion Cup

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1pc / 205g


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Product Details

The internal structure of the Air Cushion Cup starts with the inviting and tight entrance with a wavy pattern. Combined with the tightness, the shaft travels along the brush-like nubs. Then to multiple bottlenecks for heightened stimulation. At the end, the head reaches the danger zone, the part where aligned giant nubs massages the sensitive head.

On top of the stimulating structure, the Air Cushion design utilises air flow, which sucks as the air is let out when pulling. The strong vacuum suction is adjustable with the size of the top hole. The vacuum suction would bring users to their tipping point, tempted to ejaculate without further delay.

The Premium Series is chosen to be created with higher quality material, different from standard Tenga cups. The material enhances the cup’s elasticity, and stickiness when coupled with lubrication.

Product Characteristics:
- Air cushion cup
- Adjustable vacuum suction
- Premium elastic design
- Stimulating internal structure
- Material guarantees realistic stickiness
- Non-reusable

Imported from Japan