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Japanese Sushi Rotor - Ebi

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People of all ages all around the world love Sushi Rotor! Now it's transformed into a vibrator, launching in Wanta!

Japanese Sushi Rotor - Ebi

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1pc / 155g


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Product Details

No matter it be the challenging Tamago, or the premium Maguro, or even the lovable Ebi, they all have become petite and realistically loooking vibrators. With three different styles, there's bound to be one that suits your taste!

Product Characteristics:
- 3 different designs
- Vibrating functions
- Realistic aesthetics
- Petite

- Package: 170x93x45mm
- Battery case: 100x35mm
- Body: 74x35mm(Tamago)/76x36mm(Maguro)/103x35mm(Ebi)
- Weight: 73g(Tamago)/76g(Maguro)/74g(Ebi)
- With 2 AA batteries included
- Material: PBC, ABS Plastic

Originated from Japan