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Trojan All The Feels Box of 10

Brand: Trojan

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Truly all the feels! This pack includes condoms of three different styles to add variety in the pleasure you feel, so try out these three to know which is your favourite!

Trojan All The Feels Box of 10

ID: 9433

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Box of 10 / 50g


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Product Details

The three condoms are triple tested to ensure quality and safety - classic for a straight snug fit. With silky smooth lubricant, and special reservoir end for extra safety.

The second one is thin for tighter feel and enhanced sensitivity, to be more intimate with the other person.

The third one is full pleasure for a unique relaxed fit.

The UltraSmooth Premium Lubricant inside and out helps create a more natural feel and the strategically placed deep ribs increase stimulation and pleasure as users move.

Product Characteristics:
- Includes: Classic feel, thin feel, and full pleasure feel condoms
- Providing users three different experiences to pick from

Product Specifications:
- Classic: Base width: 2.09" (53mm); Length: 7.48" (190mm)
- Thin: Base width: 2.09" (53mm); Length: 7.48" (190mm)
- Full Pleasure: Base width: 2.09" (53mm); Head width: 2.9″ (73mm); Length: 8.3" (210mm)
- Material: Latex

Made in the USA