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Toy's Heart Maid Service

Brand: Toys Heart

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Satisfy your maid fantasies with the Toy’s Heart Maid Service masturbation sleeve. Made out of Hitohada skin-like material, the 4 stage design of the sleeve will provide long term stimulation whilst maintaining a mucosal texture for added pleasure.

Toy's Heart Maid Service

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1pc / 590g


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Product Details

Toy’s Heart Maid Service has a 4-part design, made out of two textures with varying degrees of tightness and stimulation. The entry hole was made to be 20mm wide for ease of insertion and usage.

The first and third part of the sleeve is moulded with protruding 3-dimensional sticky balls, with a smaller radius for the latter to simulate the cervix. Thus sandwiching the penis front and back, giving long-term repeated stimulation and excitement.

The second and fourth part was designed with suction and feeling in mind, the thin circular folds not only provide more air-tightness, but also replicates a realistic mucosal texture with added lubricant.

The sleeve is made from Toy’s Heart’s Hitohada material, which was researched through repeated trial and error, to aim for the most authentic human-skin feel. Yielding a texture that feels genuine which prevents unpleasant stickiness, and is odor-resistant. You can also change the masturbation experience by varying the amount of lube you use with the sleeve.

Product Characteristics:
- Made from Hitohada Material
- Experience double stimulation with its 4-stage, 2-pattern design
- Realistic mucosal feel
- Non-Penetrating

- Total Length: 180mm
- Width: 68mm
- Internal Length: 168mm
- Weight: 457g

Made in Japan