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Magic Eyes Lolinco Premium Hard

Brand: Magic eyes

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Mimicking the tightness of those who hasn’t had penetrative sex, this 3mm only wide hole formed by the 5mm thick inner layer, promises the tightening stimulations one massively craves. The rather virginistic winding tunnel stretches out but still encloses around your meat. As you penetrate, the twists and turns rub along with the soft protrusions, invoking eye rolling sensations, EXCEPT it’s harder and more intense.

Magic Eyes Lolinco Premium Hard

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1pc / 1010g


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Product Details

Aiming to create the tightening stimulation for user’s shafts, the masturbator ambitiously allows 3mm wide of a hole to be entered, which is supposed to imitate the hymen, except for this hymen it doesn’t break. Such a design is for those who are ambitious, who wants to take the challenge, because it can be so hard and tight users might not be able to hold in so long.

The tunnel with 4 multiple kinds of texture and pattern, has drastic turns the deeper it gets, until users reach the infamous “cervix opening” for the very last blow of pleasure, encouraging users' inevitable blow.

The walls are also made with extra friction, to challenge users their endurance. Keep in mind to add enough lube, or the friction would quickly turn from enjoyable to that is not. The material is made of the safe magic skin, the reliable element approved by the officials of the Food Hygiene Department.

Product characteristics:
- Hard Texture
- Triple layered with hymen
- Narrow tunnel
- Super soft and elastic
- Small entrance
- Stimulating end
- Sticky inner wall

- Dimensions: W - 110mm ; H - 90mm; L - 200mm
- Insertable Length: 140 mm
- Weight: 900g

Made in Japan