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Findom Graphene Latex Finger Condom Box of 12

Brand: Findom

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With added heat conduction, they are great for foreplay or hygienic intimacy with some warmth. In case you forgot to trim your nails, fear that the dirt in your nails are not completely washed off, or you want to play around with anal, Findoms are for you! They slip onto the finger with ease, wrap around it, and there you go - no more worries of accidental scratching or infections, or if doing anal, getting your fingers dirty.

Findom Graphene Latex Finger Condom Box of 12

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Box of 12 / 20g


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Product Details

Graphene is added for better heat conduction with a sexy black colour. Which makes it more sensitive to the body temperature. Best for those who crave the body warmth from the fingers.

We know how uncomfortable it feels when the partner forgot to trim their nails, or didn’t wash off the dirt properly. When lubrication is not enough, those kinds of irritation are even more amplified, leaving the rest of the night in discomfort and difficulty immersing in pleasure one is supposed to have. Findoms are created to ensure mutual satisfaction.

With them, people technically don’t have to worry about maintaining short enough or fully clean fingernails. During the heat of the moment, people want to do foreplay with fingers, they don’t have to take a trip to the washroom. Reach over the drawer or table along with possibly the collection of condoms, and conveniently slip the findom on. For those who want to try anal but fear that doucheing is not done well enough, findoms can also help for finger penetration.

Lubricated, the findom could also be of great use for those who need some extra moisture to get the arousal going. Combining finger penetration and some lubricant, when done right, they will get wetter in no time.

Product characteristics:
- Lubricated surface
- Elastic
- Made of latex and graphene (make sure you are not allergic to latex)
- 12 pieces

- Dimensions: L - 78-82mm; W - 24-30mm
- Material: Latex and Graphene
- Lubricant: Silicone oil

Designed in Taiwan; Made in China