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Tenga AERO - Silver Ring

Brand: Tenga

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The Tenga AERO series is the ideal fleshlight for anyone who wishes for a more customisable, tailored masturbation experience. Equipped with an adjustable AERO dial, the Tenga AERO Silver Ring allows for custom calibration of the amount of suction, as well as a unique entangling experience with its unique texture from its pattern of dots and spiral groove.

Tenga AERO - Silver Ring

ID: 9358

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1pc / 430g


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Product Details

The AERO series has an exclusive “Aero Dial” which offers 10 levels of Air Pressure Control, which allows you to tailor the feeling of absorption simply by turning the dial, which allows for custom vacuum strength and tightness to your preferences. With a highly-elastic ring embedded in the gel-like sleeve, this unique design suppresses the leakage of air from the inside, which helps maintain the suction and “entangling” sensation.

With the Silver Ring, the sleeve is designed with stimulation and a sensational experience in mind, the internal structure is spotted with protruding dots in a spiral-shaped groove. The intricate array of dots and grooves, combined with the highly-elastic plastic ring that’s comfortable to the skin, offers a firm, highly-stimulating entanglement experience.

The Tenga AERO series comes with a dedicated stand to allow for thorough drying of the sleeve, and thanks to its compartmental design, residual water droplets from the drying can be easily cleaned from the bottom of the stand by detaching the stand from its base.

Product Characteristics:
- Adjustable 10-step dial for suction and firmness strength
- Sleeve designed for best of both worlds: suction and stimulation
- Elastic ring design for vacuum sealing
- Reusable design with removable sleeve for easy cleaning
- Comes with drying stand
- Detachable design for stand
- Comes with a packet of lotion

- Dimensions: 78×78×172mm
- Weight: 350g

Made in Japan