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Tenga Rolling Head Cup - Hard

Brand: Tenga

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The head of the cup can freely stimulate your head! being really movable. The new Tenga Rolling Head Cup Hard Edition has retained the original design of rotatable head, and improved on the overall cup's shape, allowing more comfortable and flexible handles. The tougher interior has been designed into more complex patterns, bringing you more intense stimulations!

Tenga Rolling Head Cup - Hard

ID: 9333

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1pc / 132g


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Product Details

The new edition of Tenga's Rolling Head Cup HARD is modified with the end of the tunnel having a large ball-like protrusion, so that when one rotates the head, it could directly create friction with the penis' head, inducing a more intense pleasure!

The spiral-like body has the ability to tighten and loosen as one desires, allowing users to achieve the simultaneous stimulation from the rotating head and the tightening tunnel - doubling the pleasure. Mid-way of the tunnel is covered with wavy protrusions, offering a different sense of exciting sensation.

Product characteristics:
- Hard sleeve materials
- Complex design
- High pleasure
- With sufficient lubricant
- Cool and refreshing
- Non-porous
- Non-reusable

- Total length: 69mm × 69mm × 155mm
- Product Weight:132g

Imported from Japan