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Tenga Squeeze Tube Cup - Hard (New)

Brand: Tenga

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You can knead the cup gently or grip it firmly. Squeeze with the firmness you like! By adding a curved shape, the cup becomes softer and easier to master. Adjust the pressure to your preference and enjoy the stimulation of elastic changes.

Tenga Squeeze Tube Cup - Hard (New)

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1pc / 122g


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Product Details

New Tenga Squeeze Tube Cup (Hard)has super hard stimulation and a perfet curved shape design for easy gripping. With a softer tubular container, you can directly feel the grip strength. As long as you hold it like rubbing or press the left and right sides to create an intense pressure sensation and experience the super-hard and tight sensation you love.

After inserting into the entrance, it comes to the tight area with a tightening strap. When it is fully inserted, it can stimulate the root tightly. The spiral strips on both sides of the middle pipe and the middle protrusion are more densely covered. In addition to the inlet part, the middle zone is also equipped with tightening strips, a variety of large and small protrusions at the end and large round heads on either side.

Every part of the pipe brings you strong stimulation and pleasure!

Product characteristics:
- Hard
- Transparent soft sleeve inside
- Soft case
- Complex hole design
- Good sensation
- With very much lubricant
- Non-porous
- Non-reuseable

- Total length: 65mm×83mm×155mm
- Product Weight:122g

Imported from in Japan