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Tenga Rolling Head Cup - Soft (New)

Brand: Tenga

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The strong tightening and flexible tip stimulation combined with the super soft structure of the inner tube gives you both strong tightening and a soft, lingering wrapping pleasure.

Tenga Rolling Head Cup - Soft (New)

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1pc / 132g


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Product Details

NEW Tenga Rolling Head Cup - The special high-soft gel structure brings a soft and full pleasure.

A new spirochete with tightness function allows you to rotate the top of the cup flexibly and enjoy the continuous and strong tightening stimulation.

The top of the cup has a spiral ball protruding to stimulate the glans when used. First zone has 2 to 3 layers of tightening belt design, the middle section with balls and pit textures which enhance the pleasure of in and out, insert the middle section and rotate the cup body to achieve the tightening pleasure of contract the pipe!

Product characteristics:
- Soft
- Complex design
- High pleasure
- With sufficient lubricant
- Cool and refreshing
- Non-porous
- Non-reusable

- Total length: 69mm × 69mm × 155mm
- Product Weight:132g

Imported from Japan