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Tenga Squeeze Tube Cup - Soft (New)

Brand: Tenga

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New Squeeze Tube cup design with soft and tangled. You can completely control the tightness by hand grip. With the super soft interior structures, enjoy the gentle wrapping pleasure!

Tenga Squeeze Tube Cup - Soft (New)

ID: 9329

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1pc / 122g


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Product Details

The NEW Tenga Squeeze Tube Cup Soft, with improved grip design and soft structure, which can directly transfer grip strength and accurately adjust the tightness. By gently holding the cup, you can enjoy the super soft stimulation entangled with it for longer lasting pleasure.

In the middle section, the spiral round heads with protrusions on both sides and in the middle, the large and small round heads with protrusions in rear part are more stimulated.

Very much lubricant gives you a refreshing feeling.

Product characteristics:
- Soft
- Transparent soft sleeve inside
- Soft case
- Complex hole design
- Good sensation
- With very much lubricant
- Non-porous
- Non-reuseable

- Total length: 65mm×83mm×155mm
- Product Weight:122g

Imported from in Japan