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Toy's Heart Zodiac Sign - Gemini

Brand: Toys Heart

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Known as being adaptable, Gemini’s trait is manifested into this masturbator! It adapts to your penis’different parts, satisfying different needs. In the latter of the tunnel, there consists of large bulges that your head meets with, while at the very end of the ending the bulge mimics the cervix opening. The tunnel from the entrance to the middle is where the shaft is massaged with relative friction both in a micro and macro level.

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Product Details

Attaining inspiration from the constellation shape, the dome-like pattern is replicated into a larger portion of the masturbator. Combined with a high quality material that does not grease much, while squeezing it creates suction for more intense stimulation, this compact masturbator is an absolute bargain.

From the beginning to the mid section of the tunnel, there are large ridges that also include the large ridges that form a wave like pattern surrounding the shaft. The narrow parts also have ridges that increase friction for extra pleasure.

The latter part consists of large bulges that ultimately massages your head with every stroke, promising a good end with a good start and middle, perfectly building up each stroke into the ecstatic orgasm.

Product characteristics:
- High quality material with very little grease
- Regular and relatively asymmetrical patterns
- Alternate thickness along the tunnel
- Standard texture leaning towards tightness and firmness
- Squeeze for suction
- Non-porous
- Reusable

- Total Length: 130mm
- Insertable Length: 117mm
- Circumference: 50mm
- Weight: 182g
- Material: TPE

Made in Japan