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Lovetoy - Flawless Clear Anal Plug 4.5 Inches

Brand: Lovetoy

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A HUGE butt plug that advanced players can challenge! It might seem really overwhelming at first glance, but the material softens the experience. It has the pseudo aesthetic of a glass plug, but a skin-safe texture much softer than many other materials. Despite being large, it feels more comfortable to insert. It is a perfect half step to a bigger plug.

Lovetoy - Flawless Clear Anal Plug 4.5 Inches

ID: 9308

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1pc / 175g


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Product Details

Despite being a relatively more affordable choice for people with tighter budgets, the quality is not really far behind. Made of skin-safe TPE, along with being phthalate and latex free, it’s designed to be softer and more flexible, making it a really suitable plug for those who prefer softer textures and a less stiff feeling.

The structure is also made for comfortable pleasure. The tapered tip for a much less forceful insertion that gradually loosens the muscles. The narrow neck ensures that the opening is not continuously stretched so users can focus more on the stimulation along the inner walls. And at last, the flared base makes sure that the plug does not accidentally get sucked into the anus when things get heated.

The suction base is extremely strong. On any non porous surface, it can stick steadily no matter how intense the penetration becomes, providing a more versatile experience that includes hands free riding.

Product characteristics:
- A tapered tip and a narrow neck
- Soft for comfortable insertion
- Large and strong suction base
- Made of skin-safe TPE
- Phthalate free, latex free, odorless

- Total length: 4.5 inches
- Insertable length: 4.1 inches
- Circumference: 7.5 inches

Made in China