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Magic Eyes - The Mouth of Truth Perorin HARD Type

Brand: Magic eyes

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Harder material for a harder erection! Apart from the teeth, every other part of the masturbator is made into a harder texture than its older sibling. You could experience a more realistic tightening blowjob, a blowjob that paces to your liking. Not only the internal part is designed to be harder, but also the tongue, which opens up more possibilities for play.

Magic Eyes - The Mouth of Truth Perorin HARD Type

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1pc / 578g


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Product Details

Made to be harder, this version of the blowjob masturbator suits people who prefer more firmness during strokes. Every bit apart from the teeth is hardened, offering a different texture to the pleasurable mouth canal that can be tightened.

Same as the original, it creates a vacuum suction, resembling sucking in blowjobs, a part that is quintessential in enhancing pleasure for some people. Users can go at any pace and the suction is maintained consistently.

Non-porous and approved by the Food Sanitation Standards Act, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to be a safe material, quality is ensured. The shape is kept as it is stored in a special case for preventing shape loss and storage.

Product characteristics:
- Imitates tight blowjobs
- Non-porous
- Harder material than original (except teeth)
- Includes storage case

- Dimensions: 80 x 70 x 145 mm
- Weight: 430g

Made in Japan