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Fun Factory Limba Flex Bendable Dildo

Brand: Fun Factory

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It really can FLEX! For once, this dildo is truly bendable and customisable, and it stays that way. You can bend Limba Flex into so many shapes and angles that it is almost impossible that it doesn’t hit your sweet spots. This S size is about 12 cm long, a perfect fit that reaches the G-spot or the prostate.

Fun Factory Limba Flex - S

ID: 9263

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1pc / 215g


Fun Factory - Limba Flex L Bendable Dildo - Velvet Blue

ID: 10316

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1pc / 390g


Fun Factory - Limba Flex M Bendable Dildo - Deep Sea

ID: 10317

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1pc / 294g


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Product Details

The dildo’s shaft albeit being bendable, it’s equally sturdy - no matter how strong the thrusts are, the shape stays the way users prefer. Apart from being a great toy for masturbation, using it in partnered play is also really enjoyable. Partners doing the thrusting can choose either by hand, or with a harness, both being potentially stimulating.

The additional perk of having a bendable and sturdy shaft is that strap-on play becomes smoother as position changes are easier when the dildo can also be customised into a shape that benefits the certain position.

The shaft is slim, while the tip is enlarged and tapered, making the shape very versatile which more easily hits the G-spot and P-spot. The base suctions easily to a smooth surface and withstands tough thrusting, while also making the dildo compatible with a harness and for a better grab.

Product characteristics:
- Extremely bendable yet not easy to bend back original shape
- Bend it to hit the G-spot or prostate
- Makes position changes easier during strap-on play
- Slim shaft and tapered tip—great for pegging
- Suctions to flat, smooth surfaces
- Made of body-safe material
- Waterproof
- Non-porous and hypoallergenic

- Dimensions: Length - 12 cm; Diameter - 3 cm
- Weight: 111g
- Material: Body-safe silicone

Made in Germany