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A-ONE SM Stick - Nipple Pincher

Brand: A-One

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Challenge these advanced nipple torturers if you dare! The rod-style nipple pinchers are versatile tools to inflict adjustable pain. Easy to handle, you just need to slide the elastic rings along the rod to change the pressure, i.e closer to the middle for stronger pressure. Made of stainless steel, you can also play around with temperature by microwaving or freezing them for the extra layer of stimulation.

A-ONE SM Stick - Nipple Pincher

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1pair / 54g


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Product Details

From the looks of them, these rod-style nipple pinchers are intimidating and hence easily put one in place through their adjustable tightening. Even with the loosest adjustment, one still must be in a fully prepared state for the torture, perfect for advanced players.

Made of stainless steel, it is feasible to heat or freeze them so that the exciting change in temperature can arouse one even further, elevating the entire torture experience.

Product Characteristics:
- Set of 2 nipple pinchers/rod-style clamps
- Unisex
- For advanced users

Product Specifications:
- Length: 165mm/ 6.5inches
- Material: stainless steel

Imported from Japan