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Tenga Soft Tube Cup - Special Cool Edition

Brand: Tenga

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Preparing for the summer, Tenga gives you the Special Cool Edition of the Soft Tube Cup! This cup gives you complete control over the tightening sensation. It would feel like your shaft is sucked in different intensities depending on your grip. Enjoy a wide variety of sensual sensations from rubbing, stroking, pressing, etc.

Tenga Soft Tube Cup - Special Cool Edition

ID: 9242

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1pc / 140g


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Product Details

The special edition is designed around the cooling lube perfect for the heat in summer. Instead of feeling all sweaty and hot, the lube can help cool users down and still enjoy their shaft being wrapped around.

Users save the time to pour out lube into the cup, since the cup is already lubricated. Users just have to insert their shaft, and the cup would be more thoroughly lubricated along each stroke.

This masturbation cup gives users more freedom to decide the tightness through their grip, allowing the sensations of sucking more intense and varied.

Product characteristics:
- Disposable
- Prelubricated
- Soft Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Interior

- Dimensions: D - 65mm× W - 83mm× H - 155mm
- Weight: 110g
- Material (interior): TPE

Made in Japan