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Leten Spinner

Brand: Leten

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A very slim and quiet auto spinner that people have craved for. Spinning around your shaft, giving you immense pleasure while simultaneously strengthening your endurance. It is designed with three 3 choices of sleeves to be attached and 10 spinning varieties that can be adjusted into 3 levels of intensity. Gradually upgrading the tunnels, spinning varieties and intensities into more intense ones help train you to penetrate much longer during sex.

Leten Spinner

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1pc / 750g


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Product Details

Designed to provide enjoyable training, Leten's Spinner comes with 3 tunnel choices that vary in softness. The harder the tunnel, the stronger the stimulation becomes. The tunnels that mimic the insides of a vagina makes the masturbation session even more useful to train users' shafts.

With 10 spinning settings and 3 intensity levels, the Spinner creates a set of endurance training combinations that transform users into more persistent sex partners in real action.

With a slim handle, it is very easy to use for manual thrusting. And with the detachable tunnels that can be inverted, it is very easy to clean and dry.

Product characteristics:
- 3 levels of intensity
- 3 different tunnel choices
- 10 spinning settings
- To enhance endurance and delay ejaculation
- Elastic and soft tunnel
- User-friendly control panel
- Easy to carry and clean

- Material: ABS + silicone + TPE
- Size of TPE: 66 * 66mm
- Product Measurement : 179 * 70mm
- Charging method: USB Magnetic charging

Made in China