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NPG Electric Nipple Sack

Brand: NPG

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Show your nipples some love! A lot of us can get aroused through nipple stimulation - being flicked or licked. However, nipple clippers or suckers are more common in the market. The former ones bring about more of a painful pleasure, while the latter are less intense. Now introducing these electric nipple sacks, giving you stimulating flicks hands-free!

NPG Electric Nipple Sack

ID: 9203

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1pc / 165g


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Product Details

These nipple sacks are stabled through the two pumps, adding suction on the nipples that enhance their sensitivity.

Behind the handles, there is a button that activates the brush inside the sacks, creating sensations that resemble light comfortable flicks and licks.

With the hands-free characteristic of these sacks, people can use their hands and mouth to stimulate other parts of the body, while making sure that the nipples receive the pleasure.

Product characteristics:
- Two nipple suckers with protrusions that vibrate
- Operates on batteries

- Dimensions: 85x90x40mm
- Weight: 44g
- Batteries included

Imported from Japan