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Toynary SM32 - Leather Cat Mask

Brand: Toynary

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Tap into your seductive side as you put this mask on! The leather cat mask adds a layer of mystery, and only features of your eyes and mouth are fully visible, two of the most expressive parts of your face, so draw their eyes to your beautiful eyes and tempting smile. Transform yourself as elegant as a feline.

Toynary SM32 - Leather Cat Mask

ID: 9182

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1pc / 111g


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Product Details

The cat mask is tailored to allure people to wearer’s eyes and smile, and have them become captivated by the sexiness the wearer exudes. Putting on the face mask, wearers could possibly become more comfortable with themselves, by having some of their facial features masked, they could just focus on their movements and subtleties in their eyes and smile.

Made of PU leather, the texture makes it not only extra comfortable for wearers, but also it feels firmer and not flimsy, unlike typical face masks. Able to be worn for a long amount of time, the face mask fit snugly onto the wearer’s face, allowing them to enjoy the sensations brought to other parts of the body.

Product characteristics:
- Cat shaped mask
- Made of PU leather
- Accessory for seduction or mystery
- Compatible with costumes, especially in Halloween occasions

- Material: PU Leather

Made in China