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Lovetoy - Power Plus Soft Silicone Pro Ring

Brand: Lovetoy

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The best things come in threes, which also applies to this product. Made of soft silicone, the wide rings that wrap around your shaft or balls offer comfort during pleasure, whilst achieving the effect of prolonging erections or intensifying orgasms. These rings come with different diameters, offering versatility to the tightness.

Lovetoy - Power Plus Soft Silicone Pro Ring

ID: 9161

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1pc / 60g


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Product Details

The Power Plus Soft Silicone Pro Rings come in three different sizes with the same relatively large ring width. Putting them on, they hug around the user’s shaft in a rather huge area, giving users a bit more sensory stimulation around the penis.

Because they vary in size, it is more possible for users to choose more places apart from the penis to be tightened, like the balls.

The silicone material provides an extra layer of comfort, in addition to the wider width, allowing users to enjoy their prolonged erections with a snug and the right restriction.

Product characteristics:
- 3 extra stretchy comfortable silicone cock rings
- Can be stretched around balls
- Made of seam-free and phthalate-free hypoallergenic silicone

Product Specifications:
- Small ring: diameter - 1.5-4 inches
- Medium ring: diameter - 1.7-5 inches
- Large ring: diameter - 1.9-6 inches
- Ring width: 0.6 inches

Imported from HK