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Lovetoy - Power Plus Triple Donut Ring Set

Brand: Lovetoy

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As the ultimate value pack for cock rings, this set comes with three rings, giving you the option in numbers of rings you want to wear. Made of TPE, they are so flexible that they can definitely fit almost any girth. The rounded edges of the rings makes slipping on smoother and handing much easier.

Lovetoy - Power Plus Triple Donut Ring Set

ID: 9160

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1pc / 30g


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Product Details

A package that comes with three rings, users could have spares or switch up the colours whenever they please, or they could even deliberately use all three if that is what they like.
Having a lot of flexibility, the rings are suitable for almost any penis size, making sure they don’t tighten the shaft too much. These minimalistic cock rings simply do the job, hardening and prolonging erections.
With smooth and round edges, the rings are easier to be put on and taken off.

Product characteristics:
- Set of 3 identical cock rings with different colours
- Made of TPE
- May enhance and prolong erections
- Super stretchy to fit most people
- Cushioned for comfort
- Coat with water-based lubricant for extra comfort during wear

Product Specifications:
- Material: TPE
- Color: Clear; Black; Blue
- Product Size: Φ3.3 cm
- Product Weight: 12.3 g

Imported from HK