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A-one Via Throttle Ring - Expert

Brand: A-One

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A-One Via Throttle Ring (Expert) is a double ring for the root position of penis. It has an ergonomic curved shape. Tightening the penis and root and squeezing the perineal area that may bring unprecedented irritation to the user. It is suitable for intermediate to advanced users.

A-one Via Throttle Ring - Expert

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Product Details

A-One Via Throttle Ring (Expert) has an ergonomic curved shape. The protrusions under the big ring will stimulate the perineum area, greatly increase the ejaculation feeling and erectile force, release the orgasm feeling to the greatest extent, and make the pleasure like stepping on a car throttle up.

What is Perineum?
The part located between the testicle and the anus is called the perineum. It is said that stimulating and developing this part leads to the same pleasure as dry orgasm.

Product Features:
- The throttle ring itself is highly elastic, double ring will give a firm hold after wearing
- Will increase the sensitivity of men
- Suitable for intermediate to advanced users

Precautions for Use:
1. Please wear it as shown on the package instructions before erection
2. Not recommended for beginners

Product Specifications:
- Medium Ring Inner Diameter: 32mm
- Large Ring Inner Diameter: 35mm
- Package Size: H165mm x W105mm x D53mm

Imported from Japan