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Sliquid Splash Feminine Wash - Unscented

Brand: Sliquid

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No more harsh soaps! Formulated with natural ingredients, this feminine wash gives you, especially if you have sensitive skin, the perfect choice for soothing and fresh feeling in your intimate parts. Immerse yourself in natural elements with water and the feminine wash made of coconut oils and sea salts.

Sliquid Splash Feminine Wash - Unscented

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255ml / 282g


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Product Details

Tailored to complement the pH of the vagina, Sliquid Splash Feminine Wash gently washes away users’ filth and bacteria, and prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria, so users could just naturally smell good down there. Having sex would be extra enjoyable with a vagina that smells nice.

Being hypoallergenic, it is suitable for users with skin that has sensitivity to common glycerin products. It is a promise for zero uncomfortable reactions.

Feel good and fresh with this feminine wash.

Product characteristics:
- Unscented
- Vegan and not tested on animals
- Helps to remove odor causing bacteria
- Glycerin free and paraben free
- Hypoallergenic and non-toxic
- Created as an alternative to harsh soaps
- Perfectly balanced to match a woman's PH

Product Specifications:
- Volume: 8.5 fl oz/ 255 ml

Made in USA