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Sliquid Organics Massage Oil - 4.2 oz Escape - Naturally Unscented

Brand: Sliquid

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This organic massage oil is unscented, most suitable for those who do not prefer carrying any scent all over the body post-massage. Skip the chemicals and artificial scents. Accentuate your massage session with this all natural and organic oil. Made with healing and soothing ingredients, using this unscented oil for a massage boosts the healing factor by tenfold, taking you to a temporary escape.

Sliquid Organics Massage Oil - 4.2 oz Escape - Naturally Unscented

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125ml / 126g


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Product Details

Heal the body, mind and soul with the aid of Sliquid Organics Massage Oil. A natural and soothing massage oil like this would not let a pair of good massaging hands go to waste. As a healthier choice, the skin would feel extra comfortable from the natural elements. Deepened strokes are recommended to reach a more sensual massage. Healing the body with the help of this organic massage oil is a step to healing the mind and soul, with the body de-stressed, the mind becomes relaxed. Try the experience that goes beyond users’ senses.

Product characteristics:
- Natural nut and seed blend
- Includes organic botanicals
- Paraben-free and DEA-free
- Not latex compatible
- Vegan and not tested on animals

Product Specifications:
- Volume: 4.2oz/ 125ml

Made in USA