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Picobong Massage Oil Candle - Don't Worry Be Apple! - Apple/Cinnamon

Brand: PicoBong

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For users to ignite their passion and bring out different sex, the burning temperature is about 45 degrees, which will not burn the skin. It brings a hot pleasure to users. The candle slowly melts into a massage oil as it burns, which can be used for massaging. The candle with marine blue package has a mixed scent of apple and cinnamon.

Picobong Massage Oil Candle - Don't Worry Be Apple! - Apple/Cinnamon

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Product Details

Picobong is a brand of Lelo. Picobong Massage Oil Candles have three different aromas: apple/cinnamon, chocolate/chili, and coconut/vanilla. Each is sold separately. The slightly scented wax melts into an exquisite pool of luxurious massage oil, and the subtle fragrance inspires the senses of the user.

Product Features:
- Fun of Candle & Massage 2 in 1
- Compact Packaging, Easy to Carry

Instructions for use:
1. Ignite the candle, drip the wax directly on the partner's skin, and control the temperature through the distance of the wax drop, not too close to avoid getting burns
2. Adjust the distance between the candle and the skin to control the temperature of the dripping wax. The closer and hotter, the farther and colder.
3. It can be used as a massage oil after dripping wax. While enjoying the sense of wax dripping, it can be used as an auxiliary massage to enjoy the sense of combining wax dripping and passion.

Precautions for Use:
1. The temperature of the flame is very high. Be careful when using it. Do not drip into eyes.
2. Use must be agreed by both parties
3. The closer the candle is to the human body, the higher the temperature of dripping
4. The greater the tilt angle of the candle, the faster the wax oil drips.

Product Specifications:
- Size: 4cm x 2.5cm
- Volume: 15ml / 0.5oz
- Ingredients: Natural Soy Wax, Shea Butter and Apricot Kernel Oil

Designed and Developed by LELO Sweden, Manufactured by LELO in China