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Sagami Squeeze!!! condom

Brand: Sagami

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Strong 6-level grip shape! New condom specially designed for those who like tight and squeezing feeling.

Sagami Squeeze!!! condom Box of 10

ID: 8300

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1pc / 45g


Sagami Squeeze!!! condom Box of 5

ID: 9352

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Box of 5 / 22g


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Product Details

Squeeze!!! Condom has a unique "6-level grip shape"! It hasa 6-ring shape, you can feel a strong squeeze power, just like being "tightly caught", gives you a better feeling!

Product Characteristics:
- Pink color
- 6-level grip shape
- The narrowest part diameter: 27mm
- Coated with lubricant to enhance smooth feeling

Product Spec:
- Made from natural rubber latex

Imported from Japan