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Shunsoku! 001 Byou Lotion - Hot

Brand: SSI Japan

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Warming your body to a more pleasurable temperature! You can feel the intimacy growing with the comforting warm feeling! This new warming lubricant is here to ignite your wildest dream.

Shunsoku! 001 Byou Lotion - Hot

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180ml / 260g


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Product Details

Shunsoku! 001 Byou Lotion - Hot is warm enough to be integrated seamlessly into your intimacy. A handy wash-free lubricant that can be wiped off quickly with a single tissue after use, it comes with an easy-to-use pump that allows convenient application. With the gently warming effect of this "sweet heat" lubricant, you can engage your partner with galvanized sexual appetite around the clock!

Product Characteristic:
- Easy to clean up
- Comforting warm sensation
- Bottle with easy-to-use pump for convenient application

Product Spec:
- Volume: 180ml

Imported from Japan